Winning Chess Openings – Seirawan Yasser – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. 3 Sep A few years ago, former U.S. chess champion Yasser Seirawan wrote a book called Winning Chess Openings. The book was more than just. I’ve recently rigged another copy of the viewer applet with some openings. Winning Chess Tactics – Yasser Seirawan: This is the book that got me interested in.

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Oct 23, Mark Galassi rated it it was amazing. The Queen Raid is effective when threats are overlooked.

Book Review: Winning Chess Openings

Return to Book Page. Then each chapter focuses on a tactical theme, and is full of quizzes, explanations, and examples. In the opening, pawns and minor pieces knights and bishops play seirawwan key roles. Log in to play online chess. May need to read it twice. Dimitris Sotiropoulos rated it really liked it Dec 18, I had no idea where to begin!

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After watching many chess games between strong players, he noticed that some players intentionally sacrificed material, usually a pawn, for superior development. In Yasser Seirawan’s entertaining, easy-to-follow style, they are shown formations that can be used with other W Start every game with confidence! The book was more than just chess openings; it seieawan how Seirawan learned and experienced chess openings himself.

Book Review: Winning Chess Openings –

This book on Yasser Seirawan is one of the top chess players in the US. Having the formalities out of the way, Seirawan dives into the meat and potatoes of openings, beginning with the classical openings, both Queen Pawn Openings and King Pawn Openings. In addition, this books have a glossary for widely used chess terminology.

Seirawan writes that he fell for the greatest pitfall for all beginners: Alex rated it really liked it Jun 11, I don’t find his way of doing it immediately intuitive, but I got used to it. As soon as Yasser began to compete with more experience players, he had a new outlook on chess and began to understand chess openings, the principles of play, pawn structures, controlling the center, protecting his King, open files, outposts, gambits, tactics, and combinations. This is a sort of opening “handbook” for me.


This book on openings takes a particular approach which I think can be quite useful.

This book is the holy grail of instruction chess books. By playing against experienced players, he gained a new appreciation for the game. Tim Tenley seirzwan it liked it Jul 06, Images depicting board positions use the Modern piece style as opposed the the old Book piece style used in his earlier books.

Instead, Seirawan leads us through the maze of opening theory with a bit of humour to to yassre us on. Openngs again the Winning Chess series gets a five star rating from me. This, too, is mostly for my own chss study, but if you think you can benefit from it, feel free to check out my opening bookso to speak. He shows his first openings there were not very pretty Queen out early, pawns moving out first from the edge rather than the center, etc which demonstrates what a truly poor player he was at the beginning.

The first critical lesson that Seirwan gives in his book is to write down the moves to all your games and save your game scores.

Aug 16, George rated ainning it was amazing. That principle had not occurred to him in his early days of chess. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Pandolfini, as always, writes clearly and includes many helpful diagrams. He starts by showing how he started his games as a beginner, with a frank and humorous account of his early silly mistakes.


I’ve recently rigged another copy of the viewer applet with some openings. I am no master on Chess Openings, seirawn this only goes thru basic sets, and kpenings go into a lot of detail regarding the ideas behind the various openings.

He took the same approach for chess openings. While an early Queen Raid against a beginner is effective, a Queen Raid will not work against an experienced opponent who knows how to coordinate pieces. This book provides a strong foundation for chess. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. He proceeds thusly in part to make us deirawan comfortable while ramping us up towards beginning opening theory.

In showing how he progresses to still lousy opening approaches he can help a reader understand that process and go through it more quickly. Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess – Bobby Fischer Fischer explains in an easy-to-follow manner, giving examples, diagrams, and quizzes.

Winning Chess Openings

This work is ssirawan under a Creative Commons License. Tom Allen rated it really liked it Feb 08, Give up your own ideas only after severe trial and tribulations. It is will written, well presented, and even entertaining, which is fairly amazing considering how dry this subject could be otherwise. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. He had to resist the impulse to bring his Queen out too early or to expect his Rooks to blaze away like cannons.

You should read this book first before reading any that follows. In fact, with the Java applet provided by Misty Beach, you can view my current correspondence games and my archived chess games.

Winning Chess Openings explains how to: