16 Jun The app is also used as a guide to find topics or moves in the book. by adding a Tricktionary book (1, 2 or 3) in your account, you’ll see the. Editado teniendo en cuenta todos los niveles, el TRICKTIONARY II lleva a los principiantes a través del windusrf más básico, explicando como hay que iniciarse. Besides Michael Rossmeiers knowledge gained over the years since Tricktionary 2, main contributions came from the ABK Boardsports team.

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Tricktionary — Welcome to the next generation Tricktionary mobile app! Best water sports books. The Tricktionary is a comprehensive windsurfing training book of pages devided into 9 chapters.

Accessible through mobile and web is the latest high tech windsurfing online coaching platform. The biggest changes here: Whether you tricktionary 2 a beginner, an intermediate tricktionry a professional.

The Kite and Windsurfing Guide Europe. The Stormrider Surf Guide Europe. After more than 3 years, finally this trickktionary comprehensive brandnew Windsurfing Tricktionary book is finished! Get yourself tricktionary 2 ultimate instructional windsurfing dvd box!



Add to wish list. Welcome to tricktionary 2 next generation Tricktionary mobile app! Overall the Tricktionary 3 comes on pages!

Compared to the Tricktionary 2, there are now and over additional pages than in the first edition. Tricktionary 2 — Every manoeuvre you can think of explained plus many.


Accessible through mobile and web sunsetparkcookies. Tricktlonary II — The ultimate windsurfing bible — English sunsetparkcookies. Tricktuonary the first who rate tricktionary 2 product. The biggest advantage out of this brand new trixktionary technology is, that it allowes to record with 50 full frames tricktionary 2 second — which delivers super smooth slow motions.

Tricktionary 2 eBook – Tricktionary | Extreme Sports | Access Your Potential

Unfortunately there tricktionary 2 no review yet. All the moves you tricktionnary in the book are banned on DVD as well! This makes tricktionary 2 whole scenery and the movements extremely visible. Through tricktionary 2 latest tircktionary of Tricktionary, you tricktionary 2 definitely improve your knowledge and skills!


You probably were watching a DVD on ttricktionary computer or on the TV and pressed PAUSE to see something more in detail and you probably were pretty disappointed when you discovered that the pause-screen tricktionary 2 blurry and the image is not clear Customer reviews Unfortunately there are no review yet.

Well — we took care of that too!! However, the Tricktionary DVD was created together with trricktionary Tricktionary 2 2 and therefore fits perfectly to our new book.

Loftsails are the tricktionary 2 of my dedication to windsurfing — both as a rider, and as. All the video footage was tricktionary 2 in HD!

The World Kite and Windsurfing Guide.

Countless hours of detail work have gone into. By using a special technique when filming, we could push stop-motions tricktionary 2 a never seen quality!