: The Survivalist # 1 – Total War (): Jerry Ahern: Books. These series of books along with others like the Traveler and Deadlands. Total War – Book #1 of the Survivalist book series · Total War. Jerry Ahern. From $ #2. The Nightmare Begins – Book #2 of the Survivalist book series. Jerry Ahern was an American writer that made a name for himself with the Survivalist series of novels, which he wrote together with his wife Sharon Ahern.

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Jerry Ahern

The Rebellion by Jerry Ahern. Also a French publisher see below extended the series. It leaves him wondering – did his father ever live there? Earth Fire by Jerry Ahern. Varakov has a job for him: Fourth Reich Death Squad 4. Spine is tight, page Demons and Monsters John Thomas Rourke, M.

The Web by Jerry Ahern. Justice Denied 9. Wolfgang Mann Children’s Author and Illustrator before the war.

For Ahern, it was easy to conclude that people believed that they would survive, rise to the occasion, and triumph over any type of calamity that could be visited on them. If the series has an order, add a number or other descriptor in parenthesis after the series title eg.

The Quisling Covenant by Jerry Ahern. The Terror by Jerry Ahern. Then, Dannie’s father saw a face he last saw in Nazi Germany forty years ago.


No human being could possibly escape death when t… More. Later books, including the two spin-offs such as Camp Zero, the young adult series that he co-wrote with Sean Ellis and Everyman, which he co-wrote with Bob Anderson, adopted a more science fiction feel.

By asserting that she needs to be more proactive in shaping her destiny, she develops into a prominent character in her own right alongside John Rourke.

Jerry Ahern was an American writer that made a name for himself with the Survivalist series of novels, which he wrote together with his wife Sharon Ahern. Jerry Ahern died of cancer on 24 Julybut his legacy lives on through his wife Sharon and his longtime friend and author Bob Anderson that picked up the series.

The Battle Begins 2. Assault on the Empress 3. The Reprisal Eventually, Rourke holds the injured spy at gunpoint and promises him morphine in exchange for the means to radio Varakov, but rather than doing as he said, Rourke shoots the spy dead for his misdeeds.

The “Common Knowledge” section now includes a “Series” field.

Shelve The Inheritors of Earth. For now, avoid forcing the issue with mere “lists” of works possessing an arbitrary shared characteristic, such as relating to a particular place.

Four of R… More. It is most notable for its attention to detail on survival techniques and weapons that made them the perfect stories for an audience living during the Cold War. Louis gang 42 Le rescape du 3rd Reich Survivor of the 3rd Reich 43 La croisade des christeros Crusade of the Christeros 44 La crypte des supplices The crypt of agonies 45 La griffe du vampire The claw of the vampire 46 Mortel guet-apens Deadly ambush 47 Missouri, etat d’alerte Missouri, state of alert 48 Les coupeurs de tetes Head-hunters 49 Les zhern de Brettwood The maniacs of Brettwood 50 Le contrat du diable Devil’s contract 51 Terre, pointe zero Ground zero.


The Survivalist | Awards | LibraryThing

The weapon becomes rust pitted and badly maintained because of her limited understanding of guns. For John Rourke the first task is to find his missing family that is rumored to have fled to Texas. Together they would publish over eighty international bestselling novels under the pseudonyms Red Mitchell, Alec Kilgore, and his real name Jerry Ahern.

Varakov tells this spy controlled by blackmail due to his pedophilia that if the spy makes the slightest error for any reason, Varakov will reveal him to the Americans. Surgical Strike 2.

All the elements are coming together which will t… More. Call to Battle by Jerry Ahern. John and Sarah Rourke’s son.