You do not need to write down the Term Definitions in the final PMP exam (i.e. black text in this page). 3. For Earned Value calculations,. Formula for SV, CV. I know PMbok process chart pretty well and maked sense.. but when I look at rita’s process chart cpecially when it is expected to remember all. I have committed Rita’s Process Chart to memory, and have found it a useful tool on many sample exam Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam.

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Thank You!

You may not get questions like this easy. This subreddit is dedicated to: The idea is to understand the Know Areas and Processes and know the interactions in order to understand chary process and do well on the test Dont waste time memorizing the chart There are a lot of people super fan with Rita, but I’m not of those. Regards, Adam Your e-mail address will never be displayed on the site.

Sep 25, 4: Aug 25, 4: I on the other hand memorized the process chart where I barely went back to in the actual exam.

I am prepping for the PMP and hope to get a confirmation on the above approaches.

– Messages on Rita’s Process Chart

Agree that you don’t need to memorize all process. Thank you very much for your assistance! Aug 25, I have committed Rita’s Process Chart to memory, and have found it a useful tool on many sample exam questions.


I’m reading and rereading it everyday.

Noone’s going to make you memorise the chart and fill in the blanks, but you will get scenario questions like so: My questions on the real test were nothing like this. Inputs, Tools, Techniques and Outputs? You would like to use what-if scenario analysis to see how various factors affected the project schedule so that you can develop a plan to reduce the impact of adverse conditions on the project schedule in future.


Cure the Zombie Affliction. Noone’s going to make you memorise the chart and fill in the blanks, but you will get scenario questions like so:. Prepare a resource breakdownstructure to identify resources used B.

Thank you in advance, Chris Saving Changes Was any wrote memorization helpful The only thing that you must memorize are the EVM formulas – and even then, it is more important to understand them than just memorizing.

Let us know your lessons learned and how our products have helped you prepare. Please remember that you are not allowed to discuss any specific questions that you encounter on the exam.

And when they did ask what was next, the options were several steps away and I was weirded out by it. Good luck for your certification. Why dont you try Mind Maps to memorize.

Scrum Alliance – Make your Agile shift easier. Quick Reply Reply Quote. Transformative BA Oct Low effort posts, jokes, memes or otherwise non-value added posts will be removed.


Jan 27, 2: The chart is logical, and makes allot sense to me. One output of this process is to generate change mlcahy to correct the schedule. It also puts the all of the pieces into “the big picture” rather nicely. Its easier to memorize.

Rita’s Process Chart and ITTO’s –

Develop project schedule network diagrams to pfocess the total Answer-C-You are in the process of determining the status of the project schedule and influencing the factors that caused schedule changes. Some like it to study, they find it reassuring. What does ITTO mean Just go through this chart 3 or 4 times and try to understand the flow of processes in different knowledge area.

Thanks again, Sharique Saving Changes You have recently taken over a troubled automobile project which has gone out of control. I did a couple of things wrong: I passed PMP few days ago and didnt memorize anything.

This is the only process group with set order, as mentioned in the chart. Allocate time on understanding and exam questions. I didn’t like the rita process chart. Hence you should generate a change request for the required corrective action.