For Bread Alone [Mohamed Choukri, Paul Bowles] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “A true story of human desperation, shattering in its . Mohamed Choukri’s autobiographical novel For Bread Alone describes a bleak childhood and youth in Morocco. For Bread Alone. Mohamed Choukri. Driven by famine from their home in the Rif, Mohamed’s family walks to Tangiers in search of a better life. But things are no.

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When the Arabic edition emerged, it was prohibited in Morocco, on the authority of the Interior Minister, Driss Basrifollowing the advice of the religious authorities [2]. One of mohsmed most widely read modernist novels in the Arab world.

Mohamed Choukri believed he had secured that which was most important to him: Choukri’s text has become a staple on the syllabi of modern Arabic, comparative aloone, and post-colonial studies programs.

But here, who can I desire? Economic need is erased elsewhere as well. Born in New York inPaul Bowles is considered one of the most remarkable American authors of the twentieth century. The father is cjoukri in the Arabic-Muslim society.

For Bread Alone (Mohamed Choukri) – book review

He was raised in a very poor family. About the Translator Born in New York inPaul Bowles is considered one of the most remarkable American authors of the twentieth century.

I see my father walking toward the bed, a wild light in his eyes. His explicitness about some of his sexually tinted experiences was largely condemned by religious and conservative forces in Morocco and abroad. His first novel, The Sheltering Skywas a bestseller in the s and was made into a film by Bernardo Bertolucci in Literary Contributions and National Identities.


But, what annoy the conservatives, is to notice I criticize my father. When we were translating his autobiography For Bread Alonehe sat beside me, in order to see that I was making a word-for-word translation of his text.

Mohamed Choukri died on November 15, from cancer at the military hospital of Rabat and was buried at the Marshan cemetery in Tangier on November 17, with the audience of the Minister of Culture, numerous government officials, personalities and the mojamed of the King of Morocco. But things are no better there. August 24, August 24, mlynxqualey. Mohamed Choukri’s autobiographical novel For Bread Alone describes a bleak childhood and youth in Morocco. Morocco portal Biography portal Novels portal.

For me, writing is a protest, not a parade.

Translation and Expectation: Which ‘For Bread Alone’ Are You Reading?

Also, sexuality is positioned very differently in the two texts. Using only undemonstrative prose, and asking for no special sympathy, Choukri conveys the experience of struggling to survive in a harsh world of dusty streets and unforgiving sunlight.

List of writers Women writers Moroccan literature Vhoukri Tamazight. His life was surrounded by prostitutes, thieves, smugglers and especially a tyrannic and violent father.

Fiction Buy this book from Al Saqi Bookshop. To what extent does he represent his abjection as an extension of colonial exploitation? Choukrj Books Publication Date: For Bread Alone ends with Mohamed’s decision to learn how to read and write, inspired by a chance meeting in prison — and he went on to become a writer and a lecturer in Arabic literature. He met someone who helped him learn how to read and write Classical Arabica strange language for him, and different from Moroccan Arabic and Berber which he spoke.


It is most likely that he adopted this name later in Tangier, because in the rural Rif family names were rarely registered. Most of his siblings die, of neglect or starvation or abuse, but he survives the beatings of his father, the pangs of hunger, and the dangers of the street.

He lives by begging, petty theft, prostitution, smuggling and occasional work, and he learns to enjoy sex, drugs and alcohol. The book would later be translated into 30 other languages.

Mohamed Choukri was born in the Braed more precisely Had, Bni Chiker during a famine, in a poor family with many children and a violent father. This page was last edited on 24 Septemberat Email required Address chouiri made public. No one can run away from the craziness in his eyes or get out of the way of his octopus hands. As a writer, then, he is in an enviable position, even though he paid a high price for it in suffering.

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