Brown, Gillian. Discourse analysis – (Cambridge textbooks in linguistics). 1. Discourse analysis. 1. Title in. Yule, George. P ISBN O 8 hard. 1 Nov Ton Weyters; Gillian Brown and George Yule, Discourse Analysis. Cambridge Textbooks in Linguistics. Cambridge University Press. Full text of “Discourse Analysis By Gillian Brown & George Yule” Publication Data Brown, Gillian Discourse analysis – (Cambridge textbooks in linguistics) 1.

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This is particularly the case when critical attention is being focussed on details of spoken language which were only ever intended by the speaker as ephemer- al parts, relatively unimportant, of the working-out of what he wanted to say. In primarily transactional language we assume that what the speaker or writer has primarily in mind is the efficient transference of information.

When a form is used in a context it 37 The role of context in interpretation eliminates the meanings possible to that context other than those the form can signal: It seems fair to suggest that discourse analysis of spoken language is particularly prone to over-analysis. A context can support a range of meanings. Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic. In the transcriptions we present in this book, a variable amount of detail is included from one to the next, for the straightforward reason that different extracts are studied for diffe- rent purposes.

Yet the circumstances in which 2d might be uttered are likely to be quite different from those in which the first sentence of extract 1 was uttered. Just as the interpretation of individual lexical items is constrained by co-text, so is the interpretation of utterances gilliwn a discourse.

Thus Cicourel reproduces three utterances recorded in a classroom in the following way: What we have shown in this section is that the contextual features suggested by Hymes, supplemented with the index of co-ordinates proposed by Lewis put forward, remember, with quite different purposes in mind do enable us to give a partial account of what the undifferentiated term ‘context’ may mean.

This traditional view continues to be expressed in those linguistic studies e. Reporting interventions in communication partner training: The discourse analyst, then, discoursd interested in the function or purpose of a piece of linguistic data and also in how that data is processed, both by the producer and by the receiver.

They typically investigate such relationships between constructed sentences attributed to archetypal speakers addressing archetypal hearers in minimally specified archetypal contexts. We have so far been making the simplifying assumption that it is clear, in all cases, what the original text consists of. Whereas, as we shall note, written language geroge, m general, used for primarily transactional purposes, it is possible to find written genres whose purpose is not primarily to inform but to maintain social relationships – ‘thank you’ letters, love letters, games of consequences, etc.


We all believe that it is the faculty of language which has enabled the human race to develop diverse cultures, each with its distinctive social customs, religious observances, laws, gilluan traditions, patterns of trading, and so on.

Rommetveit argues against ‘the notion of identifying reference as an unequivocally defined point in a monistic and epistemological transparent space, constructed on axiomatic prerequisites for speci- fic operations within formal logic’.

Following Keenan’s definition, we can say that 2a logically presupposes 2c because of constancy under negation. Language used in such a situation is primarily ‘mes- sagejajiented’.

He would begin, presumably, by noting the larger-scale features of context: For example, it has been suggested cf. The same evening I went on shore.

Discourse Analysis

Someone was on his way to somewhere. This might be adequate to identify the speaker, indeed the expression Ellen might be sufficient.

Actions for selected content:. Consider for instance, the distribution of the tu I vous pronouns in French. Are there general principles which will determine the relevance or nature of the specification, or does the analyst have to make ad hoc judgements on these questions each time he attempts to work on a fragment of discourse?

It is important to consider just what it is that is ‘the same’. Aanalysis the response of a five-and-a-half-year-old girl in a Yorkshire infant school where she is asked to say how two pictures are different from dlscourse other.

Indeed, he may wish to discuss, not ‘rules’ but regularities, simply because his data constantly exemplifies analsyis categorial phenomena. Staging and the representation of discourse structure. For a sociolinguist, it is concerned mainly with the structure of social interaction manifested in conversation; for a psycholinguist, it is primarily concerned with the nature of comprehension of short written texts; for the computational linguist, it is concerned with producing operational models of text-understanding within highly limited contexts.

Thus, if you know the speaker is the prime minister or the departmental secretary or your family doctor or your mother, and you know that disccourse speaker is speaking to a colleague or his bank manager or a small child, you will have different expectations of the gi,lian of language which will be produced, both with respect to form and to content.

When the principles which we have expounded in 1. The variable which interests us most is that which is concerned with the various roles played by the individual. We are grateful too, to many former students of the Department as well as to members of the School of Epistemics Seminar who have made us think.

Colman – – The Classical Review 55 It is, however, the giolian that any sentence other than the first in a fragment of discourse, will have the whole of its interpretation forcibly con- strained by the preceding text, not just those phrases which obviously and specifically refer to the preceding gilliian, like the aforementioned. On each of these issues, concerning ‘data’, ‘rules’, ‘processes’ and discurse, the discourse analyst will take a different view.

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Juan Fernandez Krohn, aged 32, was arrested after a man armed with a bayonet approached the Pope while he was saying prayers at Fatima on Wednesday night.

Discourse Analysis – Gillian Brown, Brown Gillian, George Yule – Google Books

If we try to see it absolutely in itself, unalloyed with relations, we shall find, by and by, that gilllian have, as it were, whittled it away. On the basis of experience then, we recognise types of com- municative events which take place against the background of a mass analsyis below-conscious expectations also based on past experience which we might summarise, following van Dijk If the analyst normalises to the conventional written form, the words take on a formality analysjs specificity which necessari- ly misrepresent the spoken form.

Grice does not suggest that this is an exhaustive list – he notes that a maxim such as Be polite is also normally observed – nor that equal weight should be attached to each of the stated maxims. Where handwritten texts are at issue, it is often the case that the individual reproducing the text in a printed version has to make a consider- able effort of interpretation to assign a value to some of the less legible words.

Full text of “Discourse Analysis By Gillian Brown & George Yule”

There is support for such a pragmatic concept of reference in Strawson’s claim that ‘”referring” is not something an expression does; it is something that someone can use an expression to do’; and in Searle’s view that ‘in the sense in which speakers refer, expressions do not refer any more than they make promises or give orders’ Discouse the preceding part of the text, the writer has been describing a particular racehorse He which had been fitted with blinkers them for its previous race on that occasion.

You could not be signed in. No direct comparison is intended, since the two pieces of discourse were produced in strictly non-comparable circumstances for very different pur- poses. There clearly are standard systems for locating points in time and space.