Introduction: Cheiloscopy, the study of lip prints, is an upcoming tool for the identification of persons. The lip print of every person is unique and can be used to. 1 Aug PDF | On Mar 26, , Kannan S and others published Cheiloscopy – A Vital Tool In Crime Investigation. 29 Sep PDF | Cheiloscopy, deals with the identification of Humans based on Lip traces, is based on the fact that the pattern of lines on the red part of.

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Indian J Dent Res. Production and hosting by Elsevier B. Positive foolproof identification of known or unknown, living or deceased individuals are the primary universal roles in forensic criminal or social investigations wherein the definite procedures such as finger printing, karyotyping, dental records play the direct role although expensive and technique sensitive.

Dent Clin North Am.

Cheiloscopy and blood groups: Aid in forensic identification – ScienceDirect

The materials used were dark-colored lipstick, paper, cellophane tape, a brush, and a magnifying lens. The owner of the car denied that he had hit that woman. Starch powder modified by adding Bukka a black coloured powder prepared from tale a metal. In this study, lip prints were obtained from subjects 62 males and 60 femalesand associated blood-group matching was performed to determine the predominant lip print type and to determine any correlation between lip print types and blood groups.

Study of lip prints as an aid to forensic methodology. Cheiloscopy, forensic science, lip prints. Lip prints are unique to an individual except in monozygotic twins [ 11 ]. InFischer described the system of furrows on the red part of human lips [ 3 ]. Castello A, Verdu F. Inhe recalled the attention of everyone on the fact that the possible use of lip prints in personal identification had been suggested in LeMoyne Snyder’s above-mentioned book.

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Because of numerically superiority of properties of the lines in the middle part of lower lip 10 mm widethis fragment was selected for the study area.

Personal Identification using Cheiloscopy in South India | OMICS International

The aim of this study is to find out the most and least common lip print pattern in males and females residing in South India and to study the extent of similarity among lip print patterns of twins and siblings residing in South India. Lip print identification methodology, although seldom used, is very similar to fingerprint comparison and is a known and accepted form of scientific comparison. Cheiloscopy for sex determination.

Lip pattern in the upper right quadrant Click here to view. Future Gener Comput Syst A descriptive, cross-sectional, single-blind, hospital-based study was conducted in the Department of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics. Lipsticks are complex substances, which have in their constitution, several compounds, oils, or waxes.

Personal Identification using Cheiloscopy in South India

The methodology to be used in forensic gender discrimination using odontometric variables. The most predominant pattern in the entire study population was found to be Type I in females and Type III in males with highly significant statistical values.

Baik CY, Ververidou M. Open Dent J ;8: Impression over cellophane chdiloscopy Click here to view. The print was matched with that of the woman and it was proved beyond any doubt that it was indeed the lip print of cheilsocopy woman who was hit. Forensic science refers to the areas of endeavor that can be used in a judicial setting and accepted by the court and the general scientific community to separate truth from untruth. Int J Legal Med. The study sample comprised of medical students i. This is unique for individuals, as finger prints [ 2 ].

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Lip prints obtained from these 90 patients were analyzed. Assessment of cheiloscopy in cheilocsopy determination using lysochrome — A preliminary study.

Table 4 Distribution of study subjects according to groups and types of lip prints in upper lip. Among females, Type I Cheiloscopy as an adjunct to forensic identification: Since a maximum of four types of lip prints was cheilosdopy among all the three groups, combination of two types of lip prints was analyzed.

Please review our privacy policy. Table 5 Distribution of study subjects according to groups and types of lip prints in lower lip.

Statistically significant difference was noted between angle ANB and beta angle, revealing a strong negative correlation Int J Sci Study 2 9: Luminous lip prints as criminal evidence.

Preliminary study of post mortem identification using lip prints. Cheiloscopy – A diagnostic and deterministic mirror for establishment of person identification and gender discrimination: The biological phenomenon of systems cheuloscopy furrows on the red part of human lips was first described by an anthropologist Fischer inas quoted by Sivapathasundaram et al.

Middle part 10 mm of the lower lip impression Cheiloscopu here to view. Shafer’s Textbook of Oral Pathology. From Cheiloscopg to 3-d Imaging; pp. Representing various planes used for determining cephalometric sagittal jaw relation. Indian J Dent Res ; A 6-years French experience. Lip prints-can it aid in individual identification. To find out the most and least common lip print pattern in the given population 90 males and females were considered.