Brihat Parashara Hora Sashtra by Rishi Parashara. Jupiter has a big body, tawny hair and tawny eyes, is phlegmatic, intelligent and learned in Shastras. Parashara was the disciple of Rishi Saunaka. The Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra is in the form of dialogs between Rishi Parashara and his disciple Maitreya. बृहत् पाराशर होरा शास्त्र ३४-४५॥ English translation From Aswi is supposed to be derived carriages for animals for transport, everything related to.

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Mangal is the lord of that part of Krithika which is in Mesa Rashi and Mangal is like a mass of lightning in shining splendour. Surya in Bhojan Avastha in Dharm Bhava will cause many hindrances to spiritual and religious undertakings. Randhr Bhava in this case should be one of the rashis owned by a benefic. Sukr divides Tula into two halves keeping the first, as Mooltrikon and the second, as own Bhava. A benefic in Dhan will give wealth, while a malefic instead will destroy wealth.

It has been said that a malefic owning a Kendr will become auspicious, which is true only when it simultaneously lords over a Kon and not by merely owning a Kendr.

Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra – Wikipedia

Malefics, occupying Tanu and Yuvati Bhava, while Candr is yuti with a malefic with no relief from a benefic, will also cause premature death.

Maternal uncle, doubts about death, enemies, ulcers, step-mother etc. Nakshatra based Dasas, such as Vimshottari Dasa, plus many others, are more extensively dealt with in Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra than in any other text and it is quite likely that Parashara was the original disseminator of Nakshatra Dasas.

Lord Vishnu, coupled with Sri Shakti, rules over the three worlds. In case of three different indications if Chandr is in Lagn or Yuvati Bhava, then, the one indicated by the Shani-Chandr pair will only come sastra pass.


Also see Sloka 6, Ch. The Rasi so known will be the Varnad for Lagn. Simultaneously a Grah in shastrx Rasi, that receives a Drishti, is also subjected to the Drishti concerned. First of all, Pindayu is based on the positions of the grahas.

Candr is very windy and phlegmatic.

Malefics are Surya, Shani, and Mangal. These are the Grahas, devoid of splendour, which are xhastra by nature and cause affliction. Mangal, who is not very tall is blood-red, while Budh’s hue is akin to that of green grass. If a Kendr contains a benefic, while Lagn’s lord is yuti with or receives a drishti from a benefic, or Guru in particular, the native will live a full span of life.

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O excellent of Brahmins, the stronger of the two luminaries, Surya and Chandr, occupying a Dreshkan of Guru denotes the descent from the world of gods. Sani indicates sick and weak spouse. If Guru is in Prakash Avastha, the native will enjoy virtues; he will be happy, splendorous, and will visit holy places devoted to Lord Krishna; if Guru in Prakash Avastha is exalted, the native will attain greatness among men and will be equal to Kuber the lord of wealth.

Budh is speech-giver, while Guru confers Knowledge and happiness. Candr therein will cause association with such female, as corresponding to the Rasi, becoming Yuvati.

Rajju, Musala, and Nala Yogas: The Lord of that Rasi is the Grah, ruling the said Shashtiahs. In the case of an even Rasi the quantum of Trimshahs, Grah lordship and deities get reversed.

Shukr and Buddh are malefics, Mangal, Guru, and Chandr are auspicious. The birth will be auspicious, if Pranapad falls in the 2 nd5 th9 th4 th10 thor 1 1 th from the natal Lagn. Between to she is very auspicious, see ‘Atishubhapred’.


Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra

These are four kinds, viz. Its second half is quadruped. While the second half is the Hora of Candr. Addition from Santhanam till Sloka Brijat of Curses in the Previous Birth Ch. Indications of Dhan Bhava. The one, who, devoid of knowledge of Jyotish, blames this Vedic Science will go to the hell called ‘Raurava’ and will be reborn blind.

Following is the summary of such schools of thoughts.

It has strength in night and resides in the South. If Sahaj ‘s Lord is in Yuvati Bhava, the native will be interested in serving the king. A grah in Lajjit Avastha will shaxtra aversion to God, loss of intelligence, loss of child, interest in evil speeches, and listlessness in good things.

If Chandr is in Netrapani Avastha, the native will be troubled by great diseases long lasting in naturebe very garrulous, wicked, and he will indulge in bad deeds. If Lagn Lord, Budh, Guru, or Sukr be in an angle, or in a trine, the native will be long lived, wealthy, intelligent and liked by the king. Should Ketu be in Netrapani Avastha, the native will contract paraahara diseases, and will have fear from wicked people, snakes, enemies, and people of royal family. Not only this, evils will not follow from the Bhavas concerned.

It denotes resoluteness and is a water-resorter. If Bandhu’s Lord is in Randhr Bhava, the native will be devoid of domestic and other comforts, will not enjoy much parental happiness and be equal to a neuter. Agni causes the fire of life and the drive.