Vitrium Protectedpdf is a Safeguard PDF Protection competitor. Safeguard alternative providing additional security & features for a fraction of the price. 2 Jun “Vitrium continues to offer exciting features in document protection for publishers and Foxit is proud of our partnership with Vitrium and. Vitrium protected files have been published and distributed by thousands of companies and accessed by over a million users worldwide. Visit the company’s .

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The web viewer is brilliant and brings our documents to any device while still maintaining control.

Vitrium Security

No folders and categorizing documents is not a function. We were uncertain when going from a standard PDF approach to a more sophisticated digital rights management approach. Taipei, Taiwan June 2, — Vitrium Systemsa leading technology vendor in smart rpotected technologyannounced the release of protectedpdf at Computex Taipei.

Information and Communications Technologies InfoTech. Enter your starting address: We definitely got a better handle on the usage of the PDFs by our audience and we vitrim definitely see when users are having trouble opening a PDF.

vvitrium Information within the pages of this Tech Directory is of a general nature intended only for informational purposes, and such information should not be relied upon.


It secures our documents and that’s the main goal we have. Really professional and fast customer service. We highly recommend Vitrium without reservation.

View full list of Virtual Data Room Software. Email To A Friend. Protectedpdf offers publishers a number of document protection features such as: Not many rivals out there. With what it already does so efficiently with documents, would love for Vitrium to develop a multimedia DRM solution that covers audio and video so we wouldn’t need to look for a DRM solution with a different company to cover those areas.

That must be done manually by sorting and filtering a spreadsheet for each user and each document. This website uses cookies to provide you with the best possible experience and to optimize the website to best fit the needs of our visitors. The reporting and features provide insight into our reader’s usage which we have not had previously.

Vitrium Systems Releases New Tools Exclusively for Smart Publishers for Document Protection

The proteected release extends customizable features to support web-site authorization to documents and transparent watermarking, as well as a routine security update. Foxit is a leading software provider of fast, affordable, and secure PDF solutions. We are testing Vitrium to provide additional security for our pdf newsletters.

We had do deal with a major bug that hurt our system for over a month before the fix was found. Overview Other Key Statistics.


Vitrium Systems Inc. Profile on T-Net

With the new transparent watermark capability, users can place watermarks within the body of the document, with the watermark behind the text.

I also felt the training provided could have been a bit better. View full list of Digital Rights Management Software.

The offline documents remain protected and controlled using protectedpdf embedded technology which always remains with the document. We are very happy with support, but there are a number or shortcomings with the product. There are some obvious and easy features to add Another new feature is the ability to place transparent watermarks within documents. Who Uses This Software? The online web viewer is an easy way for customers to view the report.


Vitrium Security Reviews and Pricing –

Non-Profit Organization Management, employees. Helpful protdcted product does what it says; good customer experiences. Removing the DRM from all these pages is unfeasible. Thats an easy add.