21 May Quality is a course which is to acquaint the student with the basic Which of the SCM related resource is available in Veloci-Q Procedures. Wipro’s integrated approach to quality—veloci-Q—is detailed with an emphasis on the process improvement initiatives, supporting technology, and people. 26 Jun Veloci-Q It makes a difference! / Business differentiator. What’s in it for the customer? Needs will be correctly and adequately understood.

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Define, MeasureAdd, Improve, Control c. Process Improvement Proposal b. Software Configuration Management 62 Which of the following is not a source of change: All of the above You are a Project Engineer who has just joined Wipro.

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Incorporate velockq Show Answer Answer: In a project context, who needs to do what is documented in Answer: Check in, make modification on server side and check out Show Answer Answer: Executable Code Show Answer Answer: Which feature of SCM tool can be used to track the programmer and the version from which it is implemented?


Master List of Process d.

TRUE 12 Quality is defined as a. Branching Show Answer Answer: Project Plan Show Answer Answer: Which of these is not true regarding an Observation recorded during an audit Answer: Past project data b.

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Separate group headed by Chief Quality Officer. Risk probability and impact of riskRisk mitigationRisk scheduleNone of the above All of veelociq Above Managed Services engagements typically a.

Iterative process model b. The last complete backup of SCM repository. Evolving Show Answer Answer: Check out, make modification on your local copy and check in.

This is a deviation from the stated process This does not vrlociq closure This is a suggestion for improvement It could be a potential for non-conformance in future Identification of CI s d. Software Configuration Management d.

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Look Ahead Meetings b. Repeatable stage Optimizing stage Iterative stage Defined stage For a project that involves resolving incidents, job cycle monitoring and software upgrades, the process model to be chosen is Answer: Inconsistencies detected during development c. Rank model Linear model Staged model Velociiq area model 6.


On a monthly basis b. Release review process involves ANS: Quality is defined as Answer: The mechanism for obtaining customer feedback at project closure as per veloci-Q is: Which of the following results in the same component configuration? Minor functional enhancements or performance improvement of the existing software b.

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Identify the functionality of a CI b. Choose the odd one: Schedule deviation, effort deviation, field error rate are some of the metrics captured for Answer: Which of these set of parameters are used for Risk Quantification in Celociq Plan?

Long Transaction Show Answer Answer: Assisting project management c. For an optimal search experience, please enable javascript.

Which of the following activity is not involved in it: Suppliers and partners b.