The artwork for the painting, done under the direction of Val Valerian, is (c) Corey Wolfe Areas IV containing works hy Michael Topper are fc) I99d. 23 May Valerian, Valdamar – Complete Matrix Books Online Free PDF . in the two- volume series, beginning with discussions of the concepts of. Here I will make several comments on what I have found in Val Valerian’s “Matrix III.” Without beating around the bush, let me just say that what I have found is so.

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Sexual restrictions are all religious based and tainted by the alien restrictions dealing with matters of procreation. I also really like that I can just go to the one place to stay updated mxtrix opposed to constantly sifting through junk online. Closed systems say to people, “You are part of us, therefore we own you.

Even more telling is the funding of research by industry. I was able to directly ask him many questions when I saw him. They love the word ‘master’ and their icons the bogus ‘ascended masters’.

Sadler discusses fallacious arguments that work by attacking opponents or their arguments: Achieving “social valerain through closed-system methods put systems above people – system needs over personal needs. In a paradigm of externals, externals call the shots. The strategy of keeping filters invisible under the cover of a group-shared paradigm turns out not to be considered aberrational behavior, but the “required norm”.

You’re on the rocky road.

Timely Information mateix the Matrix V material: We are led to grant science this “authority” and we are programmed not to question it, even if it stands in the face of mountains of observed but not reproducible, and therefore fal evidence.

When people get deprived of freedom and security while at the same time they are bound by control systems, they behave like caged animals. The one element that all sequentials have in common is FEAR.


Notes on Val Valerian and Matrix III

Developing human potential seems crucial to keeping human civilizations vital and evolving, up to speed with the challenges that continually arise. But we then we find that spinors are present in discussions of relativistic light cones. In this case, the fear is being born into each incarnation without memories of other incarnations.

What challenges might we face if we embark on a far deeper level of questioning-on redrawing the paradigms that sort out who we are and why we’re here?

Once we are gone and Earth is cleansed, Earth will be out of reach of 3rd density Gamers. What is Your Nature? See link below to 32 pages of reader comments. Experience Outside The Physical Body: Thank you for all the postings.

Paradigm dynamics, or dogmatics of each matix resemble what goes on in mainline churches, corporations, schools, universities, governments, labor unions and non-profit organizations.

Change by paradigm shifts, which anyone can make? Rhetorical Devices 1″ [ Sadler discusses several fundamental concepts and how they are connected with each other. He also points out some misconceptions common among students approaching this material for the first time. The one click easy print button is my favorite feature. The Higher Self allows extensions of shimself to incarnate, as per the Game and the Games rules. What is the larger nature of reality and what are the real factions which grapple for control?

And the more you advance, the more you will be tested. Its really great how fast you can target a topic!

The speed of light is a dimensional quantity. Also glad to have found a solution that works, and to use more non-tracked, non-Google applications. No belief systems, speculation or game-related traps in this book. Always so perfect, how HS works It’s the best one-stop shop where you can discover your own nature, the nature of reality and keep tabs on what’s happening.


While Earth is currently THE simultaneous path planet in this galaxy, it is not the final simultaneous path planet nor is it the first simultaneous planet!

Valdamar Valerian and Matrix

One mile and one inch – they are both ONES, but they have a different content. It details understandings about the actual existential context in which all beings exist and have their experiences, and has produced a continuing commentary with an ever-increasing knowledge base resulting from experiential observations, not from non-experiential belief systemsusing a time-tested dynamic of exploration out of body travel shared by many people who have those abilities.

The incarnations of the Higher Self are suppressed by the Higher Self in response to shim’s willing participation in the Game. Your work shows what a marrix advanced incarnation can do when really spirit-oriented: The clinging to life as ‘sacred’ is a feature of 3rd density that you will have to come to terms with.

Those who want these group endeavors are not Advanced enough to know that it is counterproductive on the internet or to handle the riff-raff that public forums always bring. The use of the word ‘Game’ originates vl the Higher Selves.

The actual beginning point of these explorations started experientially with actual exploration of other densities slightly out of phase with ours, using out of body travel, however, the scope of this book far exceeds anything ever completed by Robert Monroe, author of three famous books on the subject, Journeys Out Of the BodyFar Journeys and Ultimate Journey.