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I-9 Employee Eligibility Verification Bring completed form to orientation. The IRS publications listed below are available from this link:.

They now require you to submit a stp-3 without and corrections. Helpful publications are also listed below. Complete even if you have no military background. If a beneficiary is not the surviving spouse, the beneficiary may receive the death benefit directly as a single payment. If a participant dies before completing a TSP withdrawal election, the TSP account fillavle be paid according to the statutory order of precedence set forth in 5 U.

That is, the account will be paid: SF Statement of Prior Federal Service Complete prior to your start date and bring to orientation Complete even if you have no prior government service. Some agencies may still only have hard copies of your OPF and you will have to request they send it to your supervisor so that you can review it. Both the personnel and payroll office in your agency, and OPM are responsible rillable processing your annuity claim.


Your address must be in the state from which you are having state tax withheld. The PDF forms can be filled in rsp-3 your computer and printed out. The “Due Date” column provides instructions to adhere before your start date. Earnings on Roth contributions may also be paid tax-free if 5 years have passed since January 1 of the year the deceased participant made his or her first Roth contribution.

It is important to use the most current forms that are available. Form TSP-3 is also used by beneficiary participants to designate beneficiary ies.

In addition, this fillaable policy required employing agencies to search their personnel records and forward all beneficiary designation forms then in their possession to the TSP recordkeeper immediately. Bring acceptable identification documents see p.

Participants are responsible for following the instructions provided with Form TSP-3 to ensure that it is completed correctly and that it accurately reflects their beneficiary designations. Do not send without witness signatures. If no valid Form TSP-3 is on file, the account will be distributed according to the order of precedence as described in Section I above.

Your retirement starts the day after you separate. See below for links to forms for DC, Virginia and Maryland.

There is no longer an option to receive checks in the mail, so blocks 8 through 12 on the form cannot be filled in. You will need your spouse’s social security number, military discharge information, etc. SF Life Insurance Election. To enroll in Direct Deposit or to change your enrollment to a new account, OPM needs to know the routing number of the financial institution and your account number.


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Non-Spousal Beneficiaries Non-spouse beneficiaries have two options for receiving their death benefit, both of which are described below. Once you have your account and routing numbers call OPM at or to make this change by phone or initiate it tep-3 through OPM’s retirement system at http: I-9 Employee Eligibility Verification.

To process your request online you have to first establish an account using your Civil Service Annuity number. Following is guidance TSP has sent on beneficiary policies in light of a recent rules change.

Federal Employee Retirement Forms

Was this page helpful? If the beneficiary participant has an existing TSP account based on his or her own employment with the Federal Government or the uniformed services, he fillabpe she may fil,able the BPA into his or her existing TSP account. Review the form thoroughly before starting. The contingent beneficiary ies will share a portion of the TSP account designated for a specific primary beneficiary who dies before the participant.

SF Self-Identification of Disability. Send directly to the address on the second page.