Peter Heehs. The Lives of Sri Aurobindo. Contents. Preface. Acknowledgments. Note on Proper Names. Part One: Son. I. Early Years in India. Bengal, –. For Heehs knows the documentary evidence on and around Aurobindo’s life better than anyone else. He has a deep knowledge of the political and spiritual. The Lives of Sri Aurobindo has 25 ratings and 1 review. David said: A complete and sharp biography of an exceptional human been that modern india bought.

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Beginning enthusiastically, he wrote fifteen pages in two months, but then abandoned the project. The two boys came and went on foot. This article has liives associated abstract.

A critique of “The Lives of Sri Aurobindo” by Peter Heehs and its consequences in the Ashram life

But for this to happen, a radical change was needed in the Indian mentality. A ayrobindo patronized him on account of his childishness; the rest paid him scant attention. From then on, the practice of linking the meetings was abandoned. An official then asked him to meet the riding instructor to make beehs appointment.

Aurobindo still did not have a permanent post at the college. Ghose returned to Calcutta, he and Annette had become close friends. I first encountered Aurobindo in in a yoga center on 57th Street in Manhattan. Finally, in DecemberDr.

A critique of “The Lives of Sri Aurobindo” by Peter Heehs and its consequences in the Ashram life

More to his aurobundo was a meeting held a short while later, when he, his brothers, and some of their friends established a secret society called the Lotus and Dagger. This title, he declared, belonged to France: She remained with his relatives when he returned to Baroda, where conditions were still alarming. I have called this book The Lives of Sri Aurobindo to highlight his many-sidedness. But petrr I began to write articles about his life, I found that there were limits to what his admirers wanted to hear.


Only a few could use the lectures as he intended, as starting points for their own investigations. There were two three-hour sessions every day but the last, with oral as well as written questions in every subject but English composition. hte

Indian personal names, when spelled with the Latin alphabet, take many different forms. He knew he could not succeed as a Bengali writer. Still a probationer, his salary remained at two hundred rupees.

In he put together a collection of the poems he wished to preserve from his first decade of writing. A native was ljves native, whether he had a university education or not. On mornings when his writing went well, he went to the office in a particularly cheerful mood. He never did, and Nivedita went away disappointed. Aurobindo, Mrinalini, and Sarojini were back in Baroda by the beginning of July Selected pages Page xiii.

Drewett not to give his sons any religious training, peger the boys inevitably absorbed much of the intellectual and moral atmosphere of Christianity. This would have meant financial ruin for him and his brothers. Another boy, Manmohan, followed two years later. From the Publisher via CrossRef no proxy link. A mystic thus absorbed often is lost to the human effort to achieve a more perfect life. For how could Hell fail to be ten times more Hell to the poor wretch after the delicious coolness of his iceberg?

Fluent in four languages and proficient in three or four others, he ranged over the whole of Western literature: During the summer ofshe and her Bengali friends visited Kew Gardens, attended a Handel festival, and otherwise improved themselves. In this book I use the spelling that the person preferred if he or she wrote in English; otherwise I choose a single, recognizable form. The result shows the young woman in an embroidered sari and jewels seated rather uncomfortably on a bench.


As far as I know, it did not appear in print beforewhen I published it in an ashram journal. These unremarkable subjects are treated in an unremarkable way; the verse, always competent, rarely breaks out into a memorable phrase.

Return to Book Page. By Autumnthe headmaster thought him ready for the upper school. Kripalani in the Visva-Bharati? Capital of the British Empire and the center of world trade, it was home to glittering wealth and unspeakable poverty.

The thin, dreamy, bespectacled youth was not the ;eter of material he was looking for. More important was his growing understanding of the nature of British rule in India. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Once his cousin Basanti was on hand to watch Auro-dada big brother Auro unpack. Heshs is hardly a trace of shadow between the ears, with the result that the face has no character.

Although certain of the quality of Love and DeathAurobindo was in no special hurry to have it published. Rahul Khanna marked it as to-read Apr 12, Ueehs unfounded is the claim that his radical views contributed to his rejection. Parnell, Goethe, Madhusudan, Bankim; most of the rest are on love. It was a specific sort of energy that was behind all genuine poetry.

The Lives of Sri Aurobindo

He wears heehe little-boy suit — jacket, vest, and knickers. One would like to know what Aurobindo was referring to in this mysterious letter to his wife.

During this period, Aurobindo lived the life of a writer. In late Novemberwhen it seemed likely that Aurobindo would be rejected, James Cotton learned that Sayajirao Gaekwar, the maharaja of the state of Baroda, would be stopping briefly in London.