With its critical articles and poems of verse-libre kind, Ezhuthu was then creating S. THAYUMANAVAR (Tamil ; b, d), Shaivite poet, was born at. [Saint Thayumanavar claims descent from Tirumular through his Guru Mouna . Here the reference is to the four purusharthas (1) Dharma called in Tamil ‘Aram’. Thayumanavar Thayumanavar Thayumanavar or Tayumanavar, Tamil: His poems follow his own mystical experience, but they also outline the philosophy of .

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He has no birth, no death. Thayumanavar steeped himself in meditation and in writing his spontaneous hymns which Arulayya copied and gave to the world. Chokkanatha was a inn of Siva and lover of saints.

The brother’s face glowed with joy and there was sunlight again in his life. Waking, dream, deep sleep, trance, supertrance are the five states of soul-consciousness.


The Raja of Ramnad and his subjects worshipped the Sage and brought him to Ramnad in a palanquin. These are holy books in Tamil. Man is the same Divine essence as the woman. Canto [46] yamil The Wreath: My beloved sir, I shall give you all my wealth; love me.

That Grace descends in the form of Consciousness. As for the foundational acknowledgement which Thayumanavar would ascribe to the appearance of these works, one might determine this in its reading and contemplation. The Master graciously looked at the ripe soul and said, “My darling, your psychic being is ripe enough to receive that yoga.


Thayumanavar () – The Hindu

He studied the Upanishads, side by side with Tiruvachakam. Each truth was a poemx of intuition and each intuition had a transforming force. Meditate upon Lord Nataraja, the symbol of perfect Divine Truth. Bowing to God is one of the ways we strengthen our humility and lessen our sense of ego and pride. He internalised his attention, intensified his concentration, controlled his thoughts and lulled his mind to meditation. The minister went, saw, came back and reported that the saint escaped; his whereabouts not known!

He was now in rhayumanavar union with the Divine, immersed in That consciousness. His songs were already popular among the learned.

His way was now free from the queen’s spies. He was named after the Deity of the Rock-Temple. He had two trusted disciples. Canto [26] – The Magic Act on the Ground.

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Do not wander with them. He saw the fate of passion. In ThAyumAnar’s poems, the devotional feelings are also captured with utmost reality as in the following poem.

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KaNNikaL refer to very short poems of two lines each in a very elementary folk style, in which he was able to squeeze in profound philosophical concepts.

Liberation The free soul, hungering for the inner delight, cannot live in the limitations of a royal court. Canto [33] – In Firmness “Being Pervasive”.

He thayumanavra here and there and catches hold of the boy saying, “Come home; how long are you to be here? His lips throbbed with songs of spiritual melancholy.

State service is a hindrance to your aspirations. My man, it is the Queen’s order. But unfortunately, Thayumwnavar wife passed away saying, “Lord, renounce the world after educating my boy and placing him well in life and not before let my soul rest in Thee! Silent, aloof, meditative, Thayumanavar had watched the play of the egoistic forces in the royal court since the sudden death of the king.

Both lived together like life and body.