TDA 4 X 13 – 2 X 38W Audio Power Amplifier 2 X 13 + 1 X 38W Audio Power Amplifier X 38W AUDIO POWER AMPLIFIER X 38W AUDIO POWER. TDA STMicroelectronics Audio Amplifiers Car-Radio Amplifier 18V Op 28V DC 36W datasheet, inventory, & pricing. STMicroelectronics TDA Audio Amplifiers are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for STMicroelectronics .

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Components R1 series resistance and C5 capacitor between pin 7 and ground on the original TDA schematic are both required for correct behaviour. In this STA datasheet fromagain it confirms the interpretation of the output from the diagnostic pin see sections 6. Use a lower supply voltage e. I also have a regulator so I can get 5V but I’m not using it for this circuit. Of course you have to decide for yourself whether to take the risk, given that neither of us can find better information about the TDA!

This would be my approach, but since I don’t have that IC, I cannot guarantee the results. This site in Chinese seems to be a simple circuit: The input voltage is 20V, input signal is about 0. You might want to review their use of the IC, to see if you learn anything from them which is different from your usage of the IC: The TDAQ datasheet page 7 shows that its diagnostic output pin will be pulled low on an error condition e.


I have an oscilloscope available, do you recommend any tests?

Sign up using Facebook. Disconnect any inputs from the TDA This site in Portugese is more complex. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Diagnostic pin You said: Is it required that you use 20V supply to the IC, as you mentioned, or can you use a lower voltage like 12 to 15V? Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. For comparison, I found 2 gda7379 projects which use this IC.

Do include R1 and C5. There wasn’t much information in that document also it says it’s a preliminary version and I couldn’t find a newer oneand I couldn’t make it work.

The current drain will be minimal on this rail, so no heatsink should be required. When you said “[ As you said, there is no information about using the signal on the “Diagnostic Output” pin 10 in the TDA datasheet.

The similar list of features might suggest that the implementation of the diagnostic output of the TDA may be similar to that in the TDAQ: I have a 12V battery and a boost converter so I can get intermediate voltages.

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I have explained my suggested approach below. Therefore I believe that temporary connection to gather diagnostic information tsa7379 be safe.

You might want to review ttda7379 use of the IC, to see if you learn anything from them which is different from your usage of the IC:. Circuit design When you said “[ After some searching, I found an older audio amplifier which I hope has a similar diagnostic output, to give us a clue about how to use the diagnostic output of your TDA although this reverse-engineering is not guaranteed to be correct.

Post as a guest Name. It’s always possible that you might discover something: Both speaker terminals on both speakers, must be connected only to their respective pins on the IC. Alejandro Pulver 2 6.