springs so that the assembly should fi t in the edentulous space and cement the assembly in place. After cementation, cut the ligature and remove to activate. 1 Jun A year-old female patient reported to the Department of Prosthodontics with a chief complaint of a gap between her right upper teeth which. J Indian Soc Pedod Prev Dent. Apr-Jun;30(2) doi: / New design space regainers: ‘lingual arch crossbow’ and ‘double.

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Maxillary arch showing mesially migrated 26 onto the space of 65 exfoliated Click here to view.

Space Maintainers & Regaining

The latter may be used in conventional cases of interdental space loss. An experimental evaluation of effects and side effects of asymmetric face-bows in the light of in vivo measurements of initial tooth movements.

New design space regainers: Active Click here to view. None, Conflict of Interest: Orthod Craniofac Res ;5: Eur J Orthod ; How to cite this URL: The pendulum appliance for Class II non-compliance therapy. Distal movement of the maxillary molars.


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None, Conflict of Interest: How to cite regajner article: J Clin Orthod ; Spring adapted on the model with one end tucked inside the palatal sheath Click here to view. Maxillary arch showing space regainer on 26 and 64 before distalization Click here to view. A comparative analysis of distal maxillary molar movement produced by a new lingual intra-arch Ni-Ti coil appliance and a magnetic appliance.

The mechanics of centric and eccentric cervical traction. Extraoral vs intraoral appliance for distal movement of maxillary first molars: The super-elastic Japanese NiTi alloy wire for use in orthodontics. Pretreatment study models Click here to view. Fabrication of titanium molybdenum alloy spring Click here to view.

Patient cooperation in wearing orthodontic headgear. The following article describes an innovative spring, which is particularly suitable for unilateral space gaining with minimum side-effects. They both contain assemblies that function through the action of NiTi open coil springs. Lateral forces as unavoidable side effects.

Periapical view showing mesially migrated 26 onto the space of 65 exfoliated Click here to view. Unilateral spring space regainer: After 11 months of treatment Click here to view.


Pretreatment orthopantomograph showing mesially migrated 34 Click here to view. Early loss of permanent teeth due to pathological or any other iatrogenic causes precludes development of normal intra-arch as well sspace interarch relationship.

Removable Space Regainer U/L , Removable Space Retainer, Orthodontic Appliance | SML

A randomized clinical trial. The utility of the spring has been illustrated in a case of bimaxillary protrusion. Post-treatment orthopantomograph Click here to view. Haack DC, Weinstein S. Pretreatment orthopantomograph Click here to view. Maxillary arch regianer space regainer on 26 and 64 after distalization Click here to view. Mandibular post-treatment left lateral view Click here to view. Buccal aspect Click here to view.

A randomized controlled trial. Mandibular post-treatment occlusal spce Click here to view.

Intraoral bodily molar distalizer. Components of the maxillary space gainer Click here to view.