So What’s the Difference has been revised and updated for the 21st Century to help In a straightforward, objective comparison, Fritz Ridenour explores and. Completely revised and updated for the postmodern age, So What’s the Difference? gives you easy-to-understand, nonjudgmental answers to the question. 29 Aug It’s main goal is not so much apologetics as it is clarification and definition of each system’s beliefs and history. It is interesting how the author.

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“So What’s the Difference?” by Fritz Ridenour

This topic has so much potential frizt life-transforming writing. You may not think about your worldview when you make decisions or express opinions, but it influences your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Jan 11, Stacy Croushorn rated it did not like it. You will need to use your “Back” button to return to this Site. I was looking for a basic summary of the plots and core beliefs, which it did to some extent, but was filtered through the eyes of a devout Christian. There is no doubt that humans are in a moral predicament from which they cannot escape. Concerning right and wrong, the Christian does not cave in to secular humanist or postmodernist claims that there are no absolutes and that all truth is “relative” – that is, whatever is good for you is fine, and whatever is good for me is fine, too.

It is interesting how the author often explains the religion’s beliefs as if he were defending them from generalists.

It just disgusts me. So, what is it that God has revealed so clearly? If you have read our Statement of Faithyou have seen the influence of Fritz Ridenour on this ministry. So What’s the Difference?: It is important to realize that everyone has a worldview whether or not he or she can recognize or state it. JudaismIslamHinduismBuddhismand such cults as: He had a good general format with the contrast and comparison, but I’m not quite sure who he was writing for.


Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I don’t usually purchase books for other people since you never know what another person might like. The title may say “for Christians,” I don’t recall.

“So What’s the Difference?” by Fritz Ridenour – inhonoredglory

Though not all Christians are called to full-time Christian Ministry, we are all called by God to share our faith witness with those who are not Christians. The only thing that counts is “what works for you. So What’s the Difference.

They label “liberals” as bad people who don’t believe in the word of God, but don’t bother to explain what exactly a liberal is or how they are judged as being bad. So What’s The Difference? Again, I think you learn more about the author and his religion than you do about others.


Flip through to see who he thinks are “other”. We are offered on one hand the answer of the Unitarians which is the same answer offered by the didenour and secular humanists. You are commenting using your Twitter account. By the way, if you want to ruin a skeptic’s day, ask him how he knows knowledge is unattainable.

This site uses cookies. This book riddnour crap. The book had true data in it, as many Protestant colleges and universities use this book as a resource for research. The claim that God clearly communicates and reveals Himself to us is precisely what rubs so many people the wrong way. Therefore its bias is immediately apparent and in my opinion a bit unfortunate, but that is effectively inline with what the book claims to b A good laymen view of the major world religions in contrast wat Christianity.


Not in my back yard! The devil is eroding the great illustration of moral absoluteness.

So What’s the Difference – Fritz Ridenour – Google Books

Moral truth, in particular, is absolute because God has pronounced it so. I augmented the book in two ways: I used some of his material in my upcoming book.

This book was like books we read in World History, in our text-books, about world-religion. But this book was really eye-opening for me, a beginner in comparative religions. He condemns all people who do not hold his Protestant, evangelical conservative point of view. On the other hand, the treatment of the various religious groups is far more nuanced than is usual in evangelical literature, which to my mind more than makes up for ridenojr a name wrong here or diffference.

This will take you to the offer on the Christianbook. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. A very quick run through the major World Religions and how the compare to Christianity. It is called pantheistic monismwhich says, “All is one, one is all, and all is God. Your worldview is based on how you see answers to some rather important questions about life, which include: