21 Aug Weighing in at over six hundred pages, Sloterdijk’s Bubbles, published in the original German in and finally translated into English late. Peter Sloterdijk is a German philosopher and cultural theorist. He is a professor of philosophy and media theory at the University of Art. 28 May Foams left me a bit with the feeling of reading bubbles that when turning a page anything can appear. The form and the text of Sloterdijk of the.

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The trilogy Spheres is the philosopher’s magnum opus.

Since he has published many philosophical works, includ Peter Sloterdijk is a German philosopher, cultural theorist, television host and columnist. I particularly enjoyed the sections about negative gynecology and the talk about the placenta. Even for readers who enjoy the excursive style of Bubblesand find its ideas powerful and resonant, the book is not a pot of unalloyed gold, but rather a mine: In the s he worked as a freelance writer, and published his Kritik der zynischen Vernunft in Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources.

This book puts lots of ideas on the table, almost all of them concerning the idea of close two-person relationships mother-child, God-Adam, etc. In he received his Ph. Sloterdijk’s father was Dutch, his mother German. Though there is no date given as of this writing for the third and final installment of the English translation of his spheres series, titled Foam.

The political aspects are especially pronounced in the Western tradition, beginning with the opening words of Homer ‘s Iliad”Of the rage of Achilles, son of Peleus, sing, O Goddess Faced with fragile western triumphalism in Iraq and Afghanistan, Sloterdijk proposed that a “pneumatic parliament” be parachuted into post-conflict zones, its sleek transparent dome inflated in an hour and a half, and seats for representatives installed within 24 hours.

He studied philosophy, German studies and history at the University of Munich and the University of Hamburg from to The individual is created by a division of the self into subject and its own object.


While Sloterdijk’s e-mail novel about an academic hoax was rated mediocre in terms of literary quality, [25] it came to be seen more as a political statement, [26] specifically as slotterdijk attack on gender mainstreaming in sphrees century Germany.

Sphfres e ; First Edition edition October 14, Language: Even where it does not convince, it provokes; it does not try to get the last word in, but to generate new ideas for discussion. Oct 23, Aaron Schuschu rated it it was amazing. WtraX rated it it was amazing Oct 19, Sloferdijk view it, click here. Such an attitude may not find a sympathetic reception in a readership more used to the pedestrian logic of analytic philosophy, but to dismiss it in its entirety would be to miss an opportunity.

I’m looking forward to sloherdijk it repeatedly. The trilogy is notoriously erudite in its scope, but Sloterdijk is aware his books are not for everyone.

Sphere Theory: A Case For Connectedness

Sphrres a problem loading this menu right now. Bubbles might best be compared to The Arcades Projectthe massive fragmentary book in which Walter Benjamin tried to crystallise the history of capitalism in the image of Parisian glass arcades. As a political-philosophical joke, the pneumatic parliament is a slightly clunky conceit. If it is the dpheres of the artist, as both Heidegger and McLuhan pointed out, to make invisible environments perceptible through art, Sloterdijk, as a theoretician, is performing something very similar, for he is drawing our attention to the invisible worlds that very often surround us without our even noticing them, including missing human Others.

He co-hosted the German television show Im Glashaus: Sloterdijk picks up the tradition of embedding the individual in a context by saying that not only is the human already in the world doing something, but he spherex specifically inside a container of some sort that functions as an extension of the mother womb.

Feb 09, Alex Lee rated it really liked it Shelves: For Sloterdijk, “God slotegdijk becomes the location of a transcendent repository of suspended human rage-savings and frozen plans of revenge.

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This Beautiful Life by Helen Schulman – review. But it’s worth pausing to sound not exactly a warning but a modest caveat. Xpheres your toolbox to make smarter decisions and move ahead in life faster. Sloterdijk replied that this was, itself, resorting to “fascist” tactics to discredit him. The reviewers, though, see through the mystification and turn down the application.

Bubbles: Spheres I by Peter Sloterdijk

Many naturalists, activists, political scientists, and ecologists have been nibbling at the notion of nature. Spehres this chemical-free approach to overcome stress, anxiety and depression, control behavior and live a good life. As a side note, Semiotext has produced a very high quality text, the cover and binding are tough but flexible and the paper quality is very high, this book will last a lifetime if it is taken care of.

Siamo in una microsfera ogni volta che: Views Read Edit View history. Consequently, metaphysics has suffered the fate of being tossed into the murky and intellectually irresponsible bargain slooterdijk of the New Age, where such ideas are treated with rampant anti-intellectualism and scorn for cultivated and reasoned discourse generally. To Whom shall I must note that even at his most suffocatingly verbose Sloterdijk does not break off, or drown himself in gurgling, winded verbage, which in itself sets him apart from others in serious breakthrough ontologicaliterature in the atrophied field of nobject-diagnostics, parenthetical sludge, and miscellaneous incomprehensible albeit vital information.

What I mention here is just the tip of the iceberg of what he goes into.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. Criticizing anatomical and psychoanalytic descriptions of this primeval state as objectifying it, Sloterdijk investigates an eclectic slotetdijk of attempts to name the unnameable — the writings of religious mystics, prehistoric iconography, avant-garde poetry — for insights into what such a state must be like.