“Saving Sourdi” by May-Lee Chai, theme discusses a classic plot of the metamorphosis from childhood to adulthood. In her story, the two main characters Sourdi. Posts about Saving Sourdi written by May-lee Chai. 13 Nov I received some really cool questions from a high school student writing a paper on my short story “Saving Sourdi.” Because other students.

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I loved the delicious ginger-and-lemongrass spiced chicken, curries, and silver thread translucent noodles! Would the story be different?

In her story, the two main characters Sourdi and Nea develop in stark contrast to one another. Im kinda stuck on this paper i am writing the question i m trying to answer to is in what way does the story reflect the day, age and culture it depicts? My own Gringolandia first came out as a YA novel but is now showing up in college classes and on bookstore shelves in the adult section.

When they arrive in Des Moines, Mr. The tragic hero fabricates false dangers savjng compensate her desire to be needed by her sister who sourvi moved on with her life. Think about the forces of gender roles, societal expectations, class, and family that are weighing upon Sourdi.


Saving Sourdi Summary Essay

Is he casing the place for a gang? Thank you very much, Jose! I think Jenny is an incredible person. I have been teaching your story, Saving Sourdi, in a literature course at Florida Institute of Zaving for several semesters and the students often raise this question.

Her over active imagination gets her into trouble. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Send the link below via email savinh IM. Some people, however, suffer from a sort of Peter Pan Syndrome.

Jenny’s son Jimmy in the middle.

Saving Sourdi | May-lee Chai’s Blog

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here This is true for people of all ethnicities. How about make it original? A Memoir Nea – Determined to Protect her sister saging continues to be impulsive until the end. As Nea interacts with the other characters, she is always brash and rarely takes the time to understand their side of a situation.

She had made her choice, and she hadn’t chosen me” Chai Sorry, but downloading is forbidden on this website. It would be great if you could answer these questions for savimg.

Crossover Dreams: A Review of Dragon Chica

Sincerely, May-lee Chai Question: I should have stabbed this man, too. When Sourdi, reached savinb for her to become a woman. Nea is a flat and static character.


She chafes against a family that sees her only for the labor she can provide and a community that refuses to accept her as an equal. This story serves as the constant reminder to Nea of the fact that her life was saved by her sister.

The pair has been relocated, put to work, and expected to mature quickly in their harsh new world. Hi, I am Sara from Studymoose Hi there, would you like to get such a paper?

How about receiving a customized one? Duke illustrated further proves that Sourdi’s involvement with men is compromising her relationship with Nea. Although published as an adult title—and certainly of interest to adult readers— Dragon Chica belongs in teen collections.

Tang Dynasty polo players. If Sourdi was in trouble, it would ultimately mean that Nea could get her sister back. At that moment Nea thought Mr.