SAE J Test Methods and Equipment for Lighting Devices for Use on Vehicles Less than mm in Overall Width. 26 May BY ORDER OF THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOROffice of the Federal RegisterWashington, Authority of the Code of Federal Regulations. Document Name: SAE J Test for Motor Vehicle Lighting Devices and Components CFR Section(s): 49 CFR S Standards Body: Society for.

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Also, determine if the luminous intensity values between sas specified test points are less than the lower of the specified minimum values for the two closest adjacent test points on a horizontal or vertical line.

Where special bulbs are used, they shall be operated at their rated luminous flux output.

Full text of ” SAE J Cracking or rupture of parts of the device affecting its mounting shall also constitute a failure. For sensor systems with lens es that change the diameter of the intercepted light beam before it reaches the actual detector surface, the maximum size requirements shall apply to the total area of the light actually intercepted by the lens surface, The sensor shall be capable of intercepting all direct illumination from the largest illuminated dimen- sions of the sample device at the test distance.

If warpage is observed that could result in failure of other tests contained in Section 4 of this technical report, the test s shall be performed on the warpage test sample and the results recorded. If the device does not comply with the water submersion requirements of 4. If such open- ings exist in any part of the test device, it shall be subjected to the Water Spray Test 4.

Criminal penalties may apply for noncompliance.

The dust test is not required for sealed beam units. Precautions shall be taken to minimize the introduction of extraneous responses in the test setup. The letters “U,” “D,” “L,” and “R” up, down, i575 and fight respectively designate the angular position in degrees from the H and V planes to the photometer as viewed from a lamp, or to the source of illumination as viewed from a reflex reflector.

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If a standing pool of water has formed, or can be formed by tapping or tilting the device, the accumulated moisture shall be extracted, measured, and the results recorded. All other device openings shall re- main open. The sensor effective area is defined as the actual area of intercepted light striking the detector surface of the photometer. Stop-Turn Signal Functions which are optically combined shall be tested as a stop function only.

Horizontal Angle L and R — The angle between the vertical plane and the projection of the light ray from the device onto the horizontal plane plan view angle. Unless otherwise specified, photometric measurements shall be made with the bulb s steadily burn- ing. If this is not possible, a transition table shall be used to mechanically interface the large test fixture base to the smaller vibrator table. All sample devices may be tested only to the Dust Exposure Test 4.

This test is not intended to provide a com- swe test on the device seals and excludes drain holes see Moisture Test 4. Devices with a length exceeding sar shall be horizontally centered in the test cham- ber.

Full text of “SAE J Test for Motor Vehicle Lighting Devices and Components”

The test dust shall be agitated as completely as possible by com- pressed air or blower s at intervals of 15 min for a s period. The dust shall be allowed to settle between the agitation periods.

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If dust is found, the exterior optical surfaces of the device shall be cleaned and the maximum luminous intensity photo- metrically measured anid recorded.

Devices which have a portion completely protected in service such as trunk mounted lamps shall have that part jj575 the device covered to prevent moisture entry during the test. Other systems may be used to achieve equivalent positioning, but it will be necessary at compound angles greater than 5 deg from H-V to calculate the position which is sad to that of the recommended goniometer. Society for Automotive Engineering They shall be selected for accuracy as specified in SAE J and shall be operated at their rated luminous flux output.


Devices which comply with requirements 4. The vibration machine output wave form shall be sinusoidal with a maximum permissible harmonic distortion as xae in Fig.

The height of the collector shall be mm and the inside diameter shall be a minimum of mm. Devices which comply sze the water submersion requirements of 4. A similar reversal applies to the down Dleft Land right R test points.

SAE J575: Test for Motor Vehicle Lighting Devices and Components

If such corrosion is found, the affected test j755 shall be performed on the corrosion test sample and the results recorded. The following nomenclature shall also apply; The letters “V” and “H” desig- nate the vertical and horizontal sas intersecting both the device light source or sar of a reflex reflector and the photometer axis.

Backup functions shall be tested separately. If a portion of the device is completely protected in service such as trunk mounted lampsthat portion shall be covered to prevent salt fog entry during the salt exposure. The bottom of the chamber may be “hopper shaped” to aid in collecting the dust. Unless otherwise specified, this intersection shall be parallel to the longitudinal axis of the vehicle in the case of the designed operating position of front or rear device functions and shall be horizontal and perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the vehicle in the case of side device functions.

If no test distance is specified, the distance shall be at least ten sad the largest illuminated dimension of the sample device. An initial photometric measure- ment may be made prior to the dust exposure in 4.

The vertical axis of the goniometer in Fig. Note; Devices with multiple function combinations shall be tested with all functions simulta- neously operating as specified, except for backup functions.

N575 purpose of the Water Submer- sion Test 4. Standard Observer 2 deg Photopic Response Curve.

Drain wicks, when used, shall be tested in the device.