RotoVerter. Austin Adee & Alex Thomas win 2nd place at California State Science Fair in “Applied Mechanics” with RotoVerter Science Fair entry. The Roto Verter (RV) is originally the intellectual property of Hector D Perez Torres. Hector has publicly released information on the RV makinng it open source. How To Build A Rotoverter Generator. Last Updated on Tue, 30 Oct | Free Energy Devices. The motor and the alternator are then mounted securely in.

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Sometimes just to limit the voltage growth in a BEMF collection capacitor. Off the shelf motors. Magratten Electromagnetic Motor Directory: Ambient Energy Collection Device. Any attempt to extract real power will reflect to the source.

Code[2] There was an error working with the wiki: RV Radiant energy and over unity, october v6. Also, no knowledge of electronics is needed, which makes this one of the easiest to construct free-energy devices available at the present time.

Under test, driving a fan, the motor draws a maximum of watts and a variable speed watt drill was used for the DC load. Bedini SG – for learning radiant energy OS: Rotoverter Frequency drive Demonstration 3min42sec 6th July RF radio engineering and power engineering He’s looking for feedback from those who might help him prove and improve what he has.

Lightbulbs can be stuck onto your input as easy way to bring volts down if you want – also you might want to get a V 60hz inverter from a autoparts store and run it on battery feeding the inverter which is really easy then you can chuck the battery and run it on single solar panel to impress your friends. RV is a basic primitive learning tool to properly study Rotovrrter and overunity transform phenomena The operation of this circuit is unique, with all of the energy which is normally wasted when the AC motor is starting, being collected in the output capacitor “C”.


It is a simple AC motor power-saving conversion, the device is an rotovrrter of Hector D. The electrical power generated in the coils wound on the I-Section rotovertr substantial and the key factor is that the power needed to rotate the shaft is almost unaffected by the current draw from the pick-up coils.

Bellerians RV replica output to 2x 60watt V bulbs in serial from Dec Sadie How to calculate the best capacitor for rotoverter?

The revised circuit now has automated start-up and it provides an extra DC output which can be used to power additional equipment.

There is backdating of articles going on, after the arkresearch rotoverter disclosure.

Hector P. TORRES Rotoverter

Galactic footer There rotoverte an error working with the wiki: After a few seconds of run time, the output switch is operated, connecting the DC load. Should you need a value greater than this, then wire a 32 microfarad capacitor in place and connect the substitution box across it to test higher values step-by-step to find the optimum value of capacitor to use.

This will not work as the alternator requires AC cap system to start resonance. Abdullah How to connect free energy generator with a capacitor? Designed by Hector D Perez Torres of Puerto Rico, this system has been reproduced by several independent researchers and has been shown to produce at least 10 times more output power than the input power. Again, it remains inconclusive, though different.

A “rotoverted” AC motor can best be described as an off-shelf 3-phase AC motor with its phases reconnected very simply to run on single phase AC input house grid for exampleand with only 2 of the 3 phases in the motor connected to power source. Capacitor s are rotocerter to create a resonant condition. His capacitors may be power factor correcting, but it is not shown to us.

Ron Classen – With as much work as fotoverter gone into this prototype, you would hope that Ron might be into over unity.


Ernest How to make a rotoveter with capacitor? RV running on solar panelswhere previously it would have been impossible. Gillis Patrick Flanagan – says he remembers his former life as Tesla.

Ronk Type 2D-AS Rotoverter Automatic Start Rotary Phase Converter for 1.4-42kVA, 240V Motor

Code[7] for more information. Hector’s claims that the resonance holds the radiant energy circulation – where we can extract a large portion of it without stopping the resonance. Renaissance Charge Device by Energenx. Note also how the capacitors go between lines 2 and 3. The circuit operates as follows:. TIMO How to biuld muller type motor generator? Reactive Power Flash learn tool. With the six capacitors shown above, any value from 0. ARSI How to use capacitors in energy free generator?

One slight disadvantage is that the tuning of the “Prime Mover” motor depends on its loading and most loads have different levels of power requirement from time to time. To move to some more practical construction details for this system.

Rotoverter Energy Saving Method 17min 19th May, The one-million question is dotoverter to convert that to real power! Take watts, subtract watts and it will equal watts of over-unity from the input needed to create it. At that point, the DC load resistance keeps both of the capacitors “R” and “S” operating at a potentially low capacitance value.

Note that run capacitor is choses for the load, so the device requires tuning. The DC load resistance needs to be adjusted to find the value which allows automatic operation of the circuit.