Readicide has ratings and reviews. Riku said: The subtitle pretty much sums the book up. Some interesting remedies are suggested but nothing ra. In Readicide, Kelly argues that American schools are actively (though Readicide provides teachers, literacy coaches, and administrators with specific steps to. Kelly Gallagher () defines readicide as ” the systematic killing of the love of reading, often exacerbated by the inane, mind-numbing practices found in.

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At one point, he uses a swimming metaphor to discuss access to books – we would never expect kids to learn to swim without giving them access to a pool, so how can we expect kids to learn to read without giving them access to books and time to read?

Imagine going to see a great movie, only to have the projectionist stop the film every four minutes to see if you are taking notes. The era of the standardized test in American public education really got going Kelly Gallagher’s Readicide is a title that ensures we’ll all duck and cover, which really made it difficult for me to accept the book at first.

Reversing Readicide

A lot of it I’ll steal from him and pawn off as my own ideas to my colleagues. The lack of recreational reading has dire consequences.

Add more sticky notes. Jul 09, Laura Leaney rated it liked it Recommends it for: So, much of I have resdicide feelings about this book. It’s really scary stuff and -unfortunately- true, because I see what he’s talking about in my elementary school. A reading teacher in my building gave me a copy of this to read over and I did so today.


What is Readicide? – Solving Readicide

Present to your audience. Basically the premise of the book is, given readickde current political atmosphere schools are focusing on shallow, short-term, to-the-test teaching rather than focusing on developing life-l Readicide is a teacher’s book.

Realizing that neither chopping up books nor handing students a classic and wishing them good luck are the way to get students to read deeply, teachers must constantly readicixe for the sweet spot of just enough reading instruction. Sep 24, Kathrina rated it really liked it Shelves: Budget Tour After students feel more comfortable with the text, keep some guidance, but mostly, let them be free.

Thomas Friedman claims that recessions have historically been great times for opportunities to arise. I was upset that the author tended to mention ESOL students as a “problem”.

Something rich and lovely that they can get their teeth into. This replaces novels with workbooks, further turning students away from reading, lowering their potential to gain prior knowledge, increasing word poverty in poor students, and teaching shallow thinking. I teach To Kill a Mockingbird because it’s a great book teadicide puts my students in a place where they can examine racism today. You can read the words; you just lack the proper prior knowledge to make meaning.

Easy mindsets for positive classroom management – learn the secrets to turn any group of readicdie into a dream class. It’s not at all uncommon to see people mix correlation and causation when discussing education, and Gallagher is no exception.

Hide and Speak Irish Catherine Bruzzone. Reading in the Wild: In this book he outlines how we kill the love of reading in our classrooms.

Kelly Gallagher Takes on the “Killing of Reading”

Like I said before, you’re probably both a teacher, an assigner, and when you throw out stuff like that a little bit of a douche. And when coverage trumps depth, close reading—the kind students need to develop their ability to read critically— gives way to surface-level, “one and done” reading.

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He talks about chopping them apart so much that the students aren’t even actually reading books any more at all. Apr 13, Chesley Nichols rated it it was amazing Shelves: Sadly, in our era of shallow reading, students are coming to the teacher the next day to say that they didn’t understand anything from their reading the night before. Not one to just talk the talk, Gallagher has stocked his classroom with 2, high-interest books.

Towards the end of the book, Gallagher put great emphasis on guiding students towards reading strategies. Gallagher offers quite a few ideas, but here are some that might seem especially provocative. Teachers and administrators who are squeezing recreational reading out of the day have forgotten an important finding: However, his theory that every classic can be valuable to every student if only they are taught right is ridiculous.

And let’s have a laugh or two while we are at it. No one came close to dialing 8. Basically, students are required to read “classics” as well as “high-interest” novels, putting him at odds with Harold Bloom and the “rigor” group, as well as Nancy Atwell and her followers.

Reason 2 Test preparation reading plays a large part in maintaining “apartheid schools. As a result, this timeless work became an extended worksheet.