Superpower? RAGHAV BAHL. back to issue. I began thinking about writing my book in April when the world was getting back on its feet after the economic . 16 Aug Network18 Founder and Editor Raghav Bahl looks at the India vs China growth story in his new book. 27 Oct Raghav Bahl is not an academic but a media person and a race between the two countries to become super powers, the geopolitics, the.

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China’s one-child policy will lead to it becoming older a lot faster than India. Published October 28th by Portfolio first published The book gives a very comprehensive view of both of these economies and takes you on a ride right from the early independence days till now and somewhat gives a glance of future of these economies.

The answer lies in how each country ends up handling superlower politics and economics. The book takes off in a diplomatic way.

Unbound Worlds Exploring the science fiction and fantasy universe. The comparison was done between the value ragbav of youth of India Vs youth of China. I found this very tactical if there is a neutral reviewer reading it: Apr 13, Parth Agrawal rated it really liked it. Its institutions of economic governance were maturing. China believes nearlysq km of its territory was fraudulently transferred to India.

We got trapped in our own economic crisis which was so severe. The absorptive capacity of the Indian economy must go up.

Raghav Bahl, the author, was an unknown figure to me but after reading this book, hats off to the man. So, it has to be a graded play where India will have to continuously send a signal that we understand that you have legitimate interests just as we have legitimate interests in South Asia and Indian Ocean. The commentary in this book is not political per se but has conformed to the tradition of economic comparison. But the Manmohan Singh, Narasimha Rao package was trade and investment liberalisation.

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It makes point-to-point comparisons between the two countries. He summarises the winner in just one line “Can India fix its governance before China fixes its politics” It’s in the 90s that we got wiped out of diplomacy in the world.

But for a decade now, we have been unable to amend the law to make this happen.

It super;ower be much bolder in taking entrepreneurial policy risks. The metaphors- a hare, a tortoise and a race – suggested that the author is going to present some insights which may bring some things that went unnoticed by the rest of the world dazzled by the stories of the rise of China.

‘Age of supereconomies is different from that of superpowers’

When somebody grows stronger, you have to cede it more space. So China is gahl to build infrastructure capacity in far excess of current or even potential demand whereas India struggles to keep up with its demand. An amazing superopwer for beginners particularly the ones who are treading into economics just now. The future generation of India may not inherit the framework from its predecessors, but may build its own.

It should be far more welcoming of private investment, including foreign investment.

Because of this he made it easier to understand economics. Tien Tzuo and Gabe Weisert. When looking for themes, one story that fascinated me both as an entrepreneur and as a business journalist was the relentless rise of China. Why did we become irrelevant in the world? As land is owned by the government and the peasant is a mere tenant, China extracted major surpluses by taking it away cheap and selling it at a high price. He’s associated with so many more which includes Viacom, Bloomberg, Moneycontrol.

My call is that this will not deteriorate into war only because everyone is too well integrated. Although Bahl has raised a number of issue on both sides, yet his inability to bring forward any new issue or any new point of debate makes the read seem general.


What things are currently happening in these two economies? Currently, we are coming out of a long period of weakness. But the fact is you will have to give territory to them. So the odds seemed to overwhelmingly favour India in ; China seemed such a vahl case! China is spectacularly effective in building infrastructure and is now reinvesting almost half its GDP. Got kind of bored with the language that he employs. Oct 04, Anshul Gupta rated it did not like it. T he Indian state needs to now think in terms of quantum changes.

Raghav Behl Supereconomies Superpowers.

Book extract: Raghav Bahl’s ‘Superpower?’ – News18

But again, thankfully this observed act is definitely not overdone and even the tiny stardust I might be noticing is perhapsagain just me playing the devil’s advocate. A book written by an entrepreneur when animal spirits were allowed to whizzed off in India. What past decisions by both the countries have carved the today’s economies?

Ever wondered what we know about the two countries? Want to Read saving….


If you look superpoweer the land mass, of course, there are larger countries but they are sparsely populated. In the age of supereconomies, it’s completely different where, though they would like to project military power, they are so deeply embedded into each other’s non-military ecosystems – economies, people-to-people contacts, migratory labour, technology, digitally connected – so this will be the age of competitions and trying to win not military battles but battles of climate, negotiations, trade negotiations – largely economic battles.

Also, government interference has crowded out the private sector.