Manhunting. Kate’s search for Mr. Right is a lot harder since she’s spending so much time with Mr. Wrong. Kate Svenson may be a dynamite. “Planning on jumping? I wouldn’t. Blood’s hell to get out of silk.” “I’m just checking the weather,” Kate Svenson said patiently and continued to stare out her. “You’ve been engaged three times in the past three years and not one of them could keep you.” Manhunting was not Jenny’s title and she’s never liked it (it was .

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She’s the kind of heroine we all love to hate. Are authors contracted to do at least one book with these character names? On the high side of mild with two and a half explicit scenes and a few flirty episodes of varying degrees of sexy.

Desert Isle Keeper

At the end when cruse brother heaves his view spoiler [ girlfriend to the curb, heroine does not let him get away with blaming it all on her. Don’t get me wrong, it did have those moments where I was all, kicking you to the curb what is with me and kicking these days? Kate may be more successful than most of us ever dream of becoming but she’s also insecure and more than a l Manhunting is a five star read if there ever was one. This is only the second time I’ve been drunk in years.

Anyway, back to comfort food statement. As her search for Mr.

I loved her early encounters with Jake though, an On the shorter side, but very cute and sweet. Despite this she still wants a husband — a successful, brainy, hardworking man whom she can build an empire with. She keeps leaving the men after realizing that they aren’t right for her. I don’t know how many times, and I can’t remember when I bought it, but I know that I last read it in January or February Februray 18ish? Cute, fluffy, and predictable, this is very definitely early Crusie.


All their well-laid plans are blown to shreds when love takes over and then the fun really begins! It is a charming reminder that the journey to finding love may not be always be a smooth ride, but its rewards are well worth the few bumps in the road. Jake is cool enough besides the name, I mean and I really liked how When I turned the last page my heart was once again happy and my spirits were lifted.

The characters all of them were well done, the writing was hilarious without being slap-stick, and the dialog was sharp and witty.

But he’s also totally unmotivated, admittedly lazy, and just about the slowest moving person Kate has ever come across. But something like a 2 out of 5 so do what you will with that. Still very much a Crusie fan though. This isn’t as cold and calculated as it sou 4.

Manhunting by Jennifer Crusie — All About Romance

This was very sweet. I loved this book. After he’s stuck pulling her latest reject out of the swimming pool, Jake’s convinced this femme fatale is trouble.

Kate and Jake form mahnunting comfortable friendship, which doesn’t keep them from trading barbs. The only bright spot in her trip is meeting Jake. With the exception of a couple of tiny distractions moustachethere isn’t much here to make you feel anything but good. I loved how Kate recognized her own social flaws compared to Penny’s way of socializing. This book is all about Kate and her need to find the perfect man for her. Heroine I forgot her name already and I need to commence to doin’ my chores so I’m moving on.

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I do not believe it is Sexy times: If you needed a little motivation to read this one Also by Jennifer Crusie: He’s so not what Kate is looking for.


You see, she forgot a couple of things to put on that list. I’ll share a couple of the “feels” moments, starting with the first LOL one: It even becomes a running joke with the people in town: Her plan is a rigid one, and she targets the men who will most likely fit into her long-term goals. When Kate gets there, she slowly becomes disillusioned with her plan but continues on through hilarious situations and a funny problem that Kate discovers about herself.

I loved her early encounters with Jake though, and could have spent plenty of pages more with the both of them on the lake.

I love the main characters, i love how the story is told, i love the story itself. I was jeninfer set to hate her. But is he really relieved?