Used Linn AV Surround processors for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability. Linn proprietary Remote-In/Remote-Out functionality allowing connection to Linn Knekt Multi-Room System. ❙. Linn proprietary Brilliant silent power supply. Hi Deaf Cat, I have used a as my system controller for the last 5 years. My system is a full blown active Linn AV system (Espeks, Trikan.

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I’ve heard similarly configured Naim etc units and whilst they are certainly alternative choices I wouldn’t swap.

Hope this helps, Regards Phil. I presume yo are looking at a used model the was discontinued – make sure it is dts capable if you wan’t to use AV My Linn dealer told me that as a stereo preamp it is better than the majik LK wakonda, kolektor and kairn, but the newer ones are better.

However, I only ever use the remote whose buttons are more positive but the ag5103 is still there. The coax connection also seems to benefit from a good 75ohm cable I used the Kimber Silver one Like Phil, mine is a DTS spec model and the front panel buttons are hard to press but they do still work.

It’s a corker of a 2-channel pre-amp used with good analogue sources and a great AV controller for 5. It can be programmed to take over all of the functions of the SB remote, but unlike newer remotes the Linn AV remote wv5103 not have any LCD screen to ‘soft label’ any of the buttons.

LINN AV A/V Preamplifier user reviews : out of 5 – 15 reviews –

I few dealers, have them 2nd hand, ebay has one at the ac5103, and still new end of line in Aus and Ireland as far as I can work out. However if you buy a 2nd hand machine, you cannot easily tell which input name is associated with which physical connector on the back.


There is a myth that Linn gear only works with other Linn gear.

The ONLY thing I don’t like about the is the stupid “dead flesh” buttons on the front panel – they are not exactly instantaneous and you often end up pressing them twice. I used the with a variety of v expensive CDP’s lnn a CD12 and it never sounded anything less than fine to me.

Inputs associated with physical connectors can be named as you want, then associated with a ‘source button’ on the remote. It replaced a Linn Kairn. Cheers Deaf Cat – happy to help if I can.

Anyway, my AV is set up to take a feed from the Squeezebox via a fairly low quality cable into electrical digital input number 1. Whilst true of some older equipment esp. Have heard very good things about theespecially the pre-amp side of it, hence the intrest, two birds with one stone – possibly – dac and pre. I have named input1 “squeez” and on the remote it is associated with the ‘DAT’ button.

I don’t suppose you know of a similar stereo pre which sounds as good?

I have the final spec dts version. I’d say it was as good the SB3 analogue out – av51003 so close as to make no difference. Absolutly wonderfull post, answered all and more of what Av51003 was after, thanks!!

It may be 2 years since the last post on this thread, but I figured I’d put in my contribution. The remote is old-fashioned but still very strong. Any ac5103 toslink cable will do ; If you can get a used unit, you can send the serial number to Linn and they can a5103 you exactly what spec the unit is, upgrades etc Err don’t quite know where the 2 years have gone, still have pretty much the same set up, apart form a new power cable and 6 iso feet Obviously I’m biased and you should try it out for yourself.


Initially I was thinking of shifting from my Arcam AV to a stereo pre, but, I think I will keep my eyes open just to see if a bargin priced turns up I also have an AV plus their 5 channel amp and speakers and an SB3 and it sounds fine.

Linn speakersthe works with pretty much any ancilliary gear. In its aav5103 the was quite advanced – programmable inputs with naminglevel memorysurround settings etc. However, the can be daunting to setup which you only do once – if you need help just mail me.

Anyone played with a Linn AV ? [Archive] – Squeezebox : Community : Forums

Setting up the AV is a pain. It seems to happily accept feeds from the SB of both 16bit and 24bit flac files. Hi Deaf Cat, I have used a as my system controller for the last 5 years.

So other family members probably won’t know which buttons are assigned where.

As an AV amp it is superb – only 5. Overall I really like my AV – I bought it so cheaply that any shortcoming on the video side are irrelevant to me.

Manuals – AV 5103

The does NOT have 5. It has coax 3 I think from memory and one toslink digital inputs. Oh, and later models have a tweakable “Limbik” 5. I would not replace mine unless it died unlikely – I’ve owned lots and lots of Linn gear for over 25 years and NEVER liinn a unit – excluding ‘Barik tweeters of course The sound as a normal pre-amp is very good – clean with no nasties, fast, clean, tight and lucid.

I was thinking of upgrading to a Kisto so if you want to make me an offer for mine DTS plus blue display in silver,still under warranty just!

Thanks again for the wonderfull post and usefull information!!