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So Mahomet grieved sore, and feared the Lord greatly; and he said, “I have spoken of God that which He had not said.

Guillaume [5], 4 Wakidi’s biographical material on Muhammad also includes the story of Muhammad speaking Satan’s words. Among those who came to Mecca and remained there until they emigrated to al-Madinah and were present with lees prophet at Badr, were, from the Banu Abd Shams b. That was because the chapter of The Star 53 had been sent down to Muhammad and the apostle recited it. Ishaq told him from Yazid b.

Both Muslim and polytheist listened to it silently until he reached his words “Have you seen or, “considered” al-Lat and al-Uzza? Abu Uhayhah Sa’id Ibn sataniquea, being an old man took dust and prostrated on it.

En fait il y a combien de versets unique dans le coran ? – Forum des ex-musulmans orthodoxes

When the annulment of what Satan had put upon the prophet’s tongue came from God, Quraysh said: God is all-knowing and wise. They were satisfied with what Muhammad had uttered and said, “We recognize that it is God who gives life and death, who creates and who provides sustenance, but if these gods of ours intercede for us with him, and if versete give them a share, we are with you.

My comments will be in [ ] type brackets. The translation deviates here from that of Pickthall in order to make it correspond with what is required by Tabari’s account.


Allah supprime les versets du Diable et renforce les Siensnon?

Indeed had we not strengthened your faith, you might have made some compromise with them and thus incurred a double punishment in this life and in the next. Et si Nous ne t’avions pas raffermi, tu aurais bien failli t’incliner quelque peu vers eux The Satan taught these two verses to every polytheist and their tongues too to them easily.

Therefore, prior to a discussion and analysis of the event, their writings should be reviewed. Now this wish continued in him until the sura called “The Star” that is, Sura 53 came down.

So God annulled what Satan had suggested and God established His verses i. Have you thought upon al-Lat and al-Uzza and Manat, the third, the other?

The God sent down: A myriad of excuses and denials have been put forth by these later Muhammadans to cover up Muhammad’s sinful error. Additionally several other Islamic scholars on Hadith traditions support the event’s occurrence.

Forum des ex-musulmans orthodoxes

Satan cast on his tongue, because of his inner debates and what he desired to bring to his people, the words: We left them in this struggle. No one should think that it is a story made up by people who are critical of Islam. Cela, alors, serait un partage inique! They are naught but names, which ye and your Fathers have invented, etc. Shall there be male progeny unto you, and female unto him?

In fact Muhammad wished that God would not reveal anything further to him that would further alienate his fellow Arabs. God abrogates what Satan casts. Qays is given by Tabari – 6.


Then Gabriel came to the Messenger of God and said, “Muhammad, what have you done? I have corrected some spelling and punctuation errors and changed sataniqeus archaic language].

He began to abuse their gods and they began to harm him. Author’s brackets will be in type brackets. Then God send down by way of comfort to him: He commented on this event as well. That indeed were an unfair division!

There is no allusion to anything else in the biographical material. He makes Satan’s interjections a temptation for those whose hearts are diseased, whose hearts are hardened Then he began to recite, and when he came to God’s words “and Manat, the third, the other” Sura The occasion of the sending down of the present verse is the following: At that time he found himself ssataniques this wish in his heart regarding the members of his tribe.

One day he was sitting in their assembly near the Ka’bah, and he recited: You have recited to the people that which I did not bring to you from God, and you have said that which was not said to you. This topic is one of the most controversial in Islam.