Manu Larcenet’s masterpiece, “Blast” wraps up with its fourth volume, as the truth comes out, the case concludes, and nobody’s happy. Grasse carcasse has ratings and 65 reviews. Goran said: Polza je ekstremno debeo pisac koji živi relativno rutinskin životom. Tako biva sve dok mu . Emmanuel Larcenet, known as Manu Larcenet (born May 6, in Issy-les- Moulineaux, . Volume 1, (). Blast (Dargaud, ). Grasse Carcasse, ( ).

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Polza is not as nice a guy as I had thought.

All we know is that he has committed a crime and has been arrested and is now being questioned by the police. Until this is published in English, here is your treat of the day though, a YouTube video of Blast:. As the clock ticks down on the police’s investigation, they and the reader are left with the same questions: Larcenet did it but he pulled it off and I can’t recommend it strong enough.

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Grasse carcasse (Blast, #1) by Manu Larcenet

Understandably, these last pages are very dialogue heavy. Can you imagine the story where larcsnet might have happened? You can discover more about this last series here below. Over the years, his creative drive led him to join up with some of the greatest contemporary comics creators and publishers, covering an astounding range of topics and genres, from the zany Cosmonauts of the Future with Lewis Trondheimto the magnificent series Ordinary Victories larceenet, and the incredible and unique Blast.


Since he is obviously delusional, the police are lenient towards this big hulk of a man in letting him recount his story in the vain hope of clues floating bladt the surface. Lists with This Book. When we meet Polza Mancini, a very large man, he is being held by the police.

Knowing his mental history, they had to tap dance around some things to keep him talking. Moebius exhibition in Paris.

This is the first of a serie of 4 books that are all out now and that parcenet received very high critical acclaim and I can now see why. Something happens to him, but we dont know what. He was a married man who gave it all up one day to live in the woods under a big tree, eat chocolate, and drink alcohol.

Grasse carcasse

He worked with Fluide Glacial magazine from to and with Spirou magazine from to The story is a kind of social chronicles as we listen to a man arrested ,by the cops for a crime it involves a woman, we are not told much, we suspect he killed her in a gruesome way This is the first of a serie of 4 books that are all out now and that have received very high critical acclaim and I can now see why.

But in any case, throughout the four volumes I talk about the things that concerned me at that time. Preview — Grasse parcenet by Manu Larcenet.

Manu Larcenet wrote this book in French. All of this we hope will tell us why he committeed the crime and what the crime was, but for now we have to journey step by step listening to this unusual tale of a person who has taken himself beyond the margins of society.

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At first glance this really doesn’t seem to be the kind of graphic novel that is incomplete, concerning at it does a humongous writer who abandons his life for one in the woods and permanent intoxication through gin.

Emmanuel Larcenet

Blast is a road story, a criminal procedural, a manifesto, and a bad trip all rolled into one. Polza leads a mundane life in a mundane body.

I received a review copy of this graphic novel from Europe Comics and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I know that would likely have put too neat a bow on the story.

Blast v4: “I Hope the Buddhists are Wrong” – Pipeline Comics

Di sicuro distante dai toni degli blasst lavori del francese, ma davvero convincente. This comic novel clearly, v I’d never have thought that I’d like this but I did. The New Serieteket Italy: Debela tjelesina Fibra, The Craft Behind Cerebus: If it is not enough, the story is quite philosophical, the plot is simple yet I read the whole thing in practically one sitting.

Polza finds himself trapped in more and more of those.