by. Katherine Albrecht (Goodreads Author), Welcome to the world of spychips, where tiny computer chips smaller than a grain of sand will trace everyday. Dr. Katherine Albrecht is the director of CASPIAN (Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering), an organization she founded in to. Dr. Katherine Albrecht. 10K likes. Dr. Katherine Albrecht is a Consumer Privacy Expert, Bestselling Author, and Nationally Syndicated Radio Host.

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They stick to the facts and let you construct your own nightmare vision.

Spychips: How Major Corporations and Government Plan to Track Your Every Move with RFID

Interesting enough, but a little on the paranoid side. A Bible Book and Contract for Children. I don’t want to seem paranoid but the implications contain in this book are disturbing.

History of RFID chips, how and why your shopping cards are used. There is simply no way to prevent these tags from invading every aspect of our lives. Liz McIntyre is an award-winning investigative writer with a flair for exposing corporate shenanigans and bureaucratic misdeeds.

Stay in Touch Sign up. Consumer rights activists Living people Radio-frequency identification births Harvard Graduate School of Education alumni. If anyone should ask, they only comment about how wonderful their asset tracking is and how it can predict customer demands before supply runs out while we’re left scratching our collective heads thinking they’re doing us some fantastic service.

For example, IBM filed a patent application in for the “identification and tracking of persons using RFID-tagged items” by collecting RFID numbers at cash registers and storing them in a database. As far as I’m concerned privacy doesn’t really exist albrdcht. Feb 05, Ray rated it really liked it. Want to Read saving….

The surgically implanted “Medical” chip idea. Nor do they seem to care, which is what the mega-corporations are counting on. Tracking your every purchase, watching our every move.


Kesington rated it liked it. Well, you should, because in just a few short years, this explosive new technology could tell marketers, criminals, and government snoops everything about you.

Katherine Albrecht (Author of Spychips)

You will not be able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast. Katherine Albrecht is a consumer privacy advocate and spokesperson against radio-frequency identification RFID. This is no conspiracy theory. The chips, some as small as a grain of sand, can be imbedded in anything “Imagine a world of no more privacy. Feb 18, Seizure Romero rated it it was amazing Shelves: I think they should have commented more on the positive aspects of the fast-arriving future.

Jul 23, Mike rated it it was amazing. And its happening right under our noses. Jul 20, Deb rated it liked it. She regularly speaks on the consumer privacy and civil liberties imp Dr.

About Liz McIntyre Liz McIntyre is an award-winning investigative writer with a flair for exposing corporate shenanigans and bureaucratic misdeeds. Big Brother isnt necessarily the government. Big Brother gets up close and personal.

The kathrine were knowledgeable enough about the topic to know that it is spchips to resist. An objective albrechtt then some.

Spychips by Katherine Albrecht, Liz McIntyre | : Books

Katherine Spychups has honed in on the outcomes of this type of world, where chips are everywhere. The radio waves allow the tag to be read from a distance through whatever it is in without the knowledge of the person possessing it. I would be interested in learning what new steps have been taken spycips CASPIAN and the authors of this book in the interim since the book was published. Apr 16, Kevin spychils it liked it. Although somewhat outdated, I was amazed at the technology available in the mid decade!


But still, somehow they retain hope that resistance is possible. Major corporations are working right now to install tiny tracking devices on all consumer products, find if we fail to oppose these practices now say authors and activists Albrecht and Mclntyre, our future may look like something from a terrifying sci-fi novel – it will be in Some may not like it because of it’s technical detail, but it’s somewhat integral to understanding how these things work, what their limitations are and what exactly these Data Miners wpychips in search of.

Katherine Albrecht

As a former bank examiner and CPA, McIntyre brings meticulous research skills and a keen investigative eye to her reporting on corporate policy-making and bureaucratic misdeeds. This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification. The authors ignore the importance of a thriving black market.

Jun 27, Joe Otto rated it katyerine it. Face it folks the Orwellian state is here. Unreliable citations may be challenged or deleted. A Bible Book and Contract for Children”. And its all true. Feb 11, Erik rated it really liked it Sypchips Katherine is a highly sought-after public speaker, informing audiences across Europe and North America with her well-researched, compelling, and often chilling accounts of how retail surveillance technology threatens our privacy.

Jun 02, Jared rated it it was ok Shelves: Our material society has become much too complaisant in our buying habits. There is much information here on a topic that is rarely discussed – RFID chips.

The contents of your refrigerator and medicine cabinet will be remotely monitored. This article has multiple issues.