Table of contents. The learner’s licence test · Learner’s licence application requirements · Writing the test · What you must know. Road signs and markings – . “Traffic signs or road signs are signs erected at the side of roads to provide K53 Mobile Application to Test Your Knowledge of the Rules of the Road. Download the k53 rules of the road and road signs with MIZ Driving School for free. A Cape Town driving school that services the southern suburbs.

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They can be classified into Regulatory, Warning, and Information markings.

Road signs in South Africa

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. K53 test and eBooks. Safe Driving Tips to Avoid Potholes. There are temporary versions for some of these signs and they have yellow, red and black colour combinations. Botswana Mauritius South Africa Zimbabwe. All you need to do is: Parking is permitted within the days and hours specified, with a minute limit. Information signs These signs provide information about the road ahead so that you can sibns your road and lane usage accordingly.

Below are the controls of a Light Motor Vehicle manual gearbox: Warning sign Regulatory sign Prohibitory traffic sign Mandatory sign Special regulation sign Stop sign Yield sign Crossbuck Dead End sign One-way traffic Speed limit by country I53 speed limit Information sign Direction, position, or indication sign Variable-message sign Bilingual sign Driver location signs Logo sign Priority to the right.

Table of contents The learner’s licence test Learner’s licence application requirements Writing the test What you must know Road signs and markings – overview More about road signs roda markings Road signs and markings – overview You must know the meanings of the various road signs, traffic signals and road surface markings, and how to respond to them when you see them on the road.

They include traffic flow control signs that regulate the movement of traffic, command signs that tell you what to do, and also prohibition signs that indicate what is not allowed. These are temporary signs, and the yellow colour is to draw attention to the temporary situation because these signs take precedence over any permanent signs nearby.


Below are the controls of a Light Motor Vehicle manual gearbox:. Have not taken the test yet. Accept our final cash offer and receive instant payment!

The following illustrations will explain these. What is K53 all about? Full details of all the road signs – including their meanings and how the motorist should respond – are given in The New Official K53 Manual.

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Right turn hand signals – To turn right, stick your arm horizontally out of the wind as far as possible, face your palm forward and cling your fingers together. South Africa drives rozd the left. Surface markings are painted in white, yellow or red, according to the message they convey. Views Read Edit View history. These signs alert road users about dangerous conditions on the road or next to the road.

If you want to drive a car, then you should start out with first learning the most important aspects involved in controlling a car. These are signs with a yellow background and is used to indicate a change in normal circumstances such as:.

One of the most common, yet important, thing for every SA driver to know is that South Africans drives on the left. Stop hand signal – To signal stop, stick your arm out the window horizontally with your pointing straight up. Looking to sell your car? Hazard marker plates are rectangular red and white plates or red and yellow for temporary versions that are positioned at the hazard itself, for example, on a sharp sogns or at an sighs on or at the edge of the road.

Traffic light Traffic-light signalling and operation Traffic light control and coordination. If you do so, you can be fined.

Have not taken the test yet. The signs are white triangles with a red border and black message symbol or word. With CarZaryou can sell your car in 30 minutes!


Reduce speed and proceed with caution. Purpose The purpose of road signs, signals and markings is to: Retrieved from ” https: Speed limit signs – red circle with the limitation in black.

Traffic Signs of South Africa

The benefits of this would be:. K53 test and eBooks.

When you encounter a warning sign, look out for any stop, yield or other regulatory signs that may be displayed. Speed limit signs are a red circle with the limitation in black. Road traffic regulatory signs include: K53 signw and eBooks. M53 white background signifies the sign is permanent, while a yellow background signifies that the sign is temporary.

The K53 defensive driving system means being fully alert and attentive all the time while driving, in order to maintain a clear space around your vehicle and avoid a collision with other road users. At CarZar, we buy cars for cash instantly! Select your car details and receive your online quote instantly. Knowing your K53 road and rod sign rules is an important part of maintaining road safety for yourself, as well as for other drivers. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Left turn hand signal – To turn left, stick your riad horizontally out of the wind as far as possible with your forearm pointing towards the ground and hand pointing towards the sky. Warning siigns Warning signs indicate potential dangers or hazards that you may come across on the road ahead. It is compulsory to obey the rules of the road, and compliance with this aspect of road traffic law will greatly reduce the possibility of accidents, injury and death on the roads.

Do self-driving cars have any safety criteria in place?