If I didn’t say that Judas Unchained was a bloated exercise in writerly overindulgence that is easily three hundred pages longer and about a half-dozen plotlines. 6 Oct Peter F. Hamilton’s superbly imagined, cunningly plotted interstellar adventures are conceived on a staggeringly epic scale and filled with fully. After hundreds of years secretly manipulating the human race, the Starflyer alien has succeeded in engineering a war which should result in the destruction of.

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List of Characters

But first, let unchainned set the mood. There are mysterious forces at work inside the Commonwealth. This system uses the network of wormholes to send data between Commonwealth planets. There were a few surprises: I used to really like Hamilton.

Book cover art by John Harris left ; Jim Burns right. Given the staggering number of characters introduced, they were fundamentally the same character. I finished reading Peter Hamilton’s Judas Unchained last night, and it was good. Judas Unchained continues the story of the Commonwealth as they battle against aliens both in and outside of their civilization. The only possible escape from corporeal stagnation that Hamilton offers is the vague notion of “transcendence,” and who knows—maybe MorningLightMountain can achieve that inside the barrier!

By downloading memories to a memory cube, a person can be “relifed” if he dies in an accident or is killed. Further, even if the attempt at containment is successful, how is this more moral?

And in Judas Unchained, you get all the benefits of Pandora’s Star without the confusing three hundred pages of introduction. In particular, rebels of Far Away are usually not implanted.

In some parts, they are like douses of cold water when things are just beginning to get hot. I must say that Hamilton does have an eye for detail and description. This is not a consequence of the book’s length but of the way Hamilton structures the action sequences—I’m not sure unchaied I would go as far as calling them paddedbecause the sequences themselves are short and sweet.

But I should mention that each of these books is roug After reading the first book, Pandora’s Star, I was slightly miffed at just how scattered and sometimes What I have learned from this book: Or will another route be found?


List of Characters | Peter F Hamilton | FANDOM powered by Wikia

So, when someone is in danger, you start to get nervous for them. Not all good, since in this second book the characters start feeling a bit flat: Don’t get me wrong all that judass was cool not to mention I had a hankering for some Starcraft after the scenes with the soldiers in badass armor suits going to toe to toe with aliens that remind me a lot of the Zerg.

And why is Hamilton so obsessed with sex with young or rejuvenated women? There are only 2 problems: As the war rages, the human forces begin to build much faster, better armed, ships and fitting them with new “quantumbuster” weapons. Until much later in the book, we don’t know anything about the Starflyer’s motives, except that they are malicious, or its origins and nature.

It was only when I reached chapter 8 that unchainev story began to pick up. I have just finished Judas unchained-what a slog!

I enjoyed this series. Some of our characters have decided the mythical Starflyer Alien is a real entity who has been subverting key government organisations to direct human affairs for its own ends. But the truth is that it is very very difficult to write something this long, with so many character relationships, and not run into the occasional pacing problem.

I felt a bit annoyed that I spent so much time getting there that the work was not worth the outcome. The theory is that they have been enclosed inside Dyson spheres. Primes had colonised Dyson Beta using slower-than-light starships and enslaved its native inhabitants in the process.

We like to camp, so I thought I would just put the books in the car on the next drive up the mountain and burn them.

He definitely never uses one sentence when a paragraph would do. The story is peppered with wondrous things such as the Silfen, an enigmatic race of aliens, and their even more enigmatic forest paths, which lead seamlessly from world to world.

If I didn’t also say that these are the very qualities that make it such a breathlessly entertaining experience to read and read and readI should be disbarred from ever reviewing again.

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Commonwealth Saga – Wikipedia

Hamilton touches on a moral dilemma that’s actually more complicated than it seems: In the last book, MorningLightMountain successfully forced the evacuation of twenty-three Commonwealth worlds, now known as the Lost At the unchainrd time, agents of the Starflyer continue to do their best to cover up any evidence of their existence and since the sabotage continues to come out at the highest of levels, no one is certain who they can trust anymore.

A utopia of sorts, but not really a democracy despite outward appearances. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Any Prime motile can start a new, independent colony, endangering the entire universe?

So, no spice as far as this subplot is concerned. This complex plot-line is filled with lots of shoot-outs and indiscriminate killing.

It was all good. Regarding the umchained stuff, the plot was particularly entertaining and I really appreciated the lack of a deus ex machina although, for the record, he did include an aloof, vastly unchsined alien race with technological prowess defying comprehension, but at least he introduced them early, so whatever. No doubt, Hamilton spends considerable time on details 6.

Then comes this monstrosity. Hamilton tackles SF the way George R. Space ships have been designed that can travel much faster than the speed of light. For all his novels’ complexities, Martin’s story structure is pretty much bulletproof.

This is the “re-life” process, which effectively makes all humans equipped with a memory crystal immortal. Evil on that magnitude is not within the grasp of the human experience: If I didn’t say that Judas Unchained was a bloated exercise in writerly overindulgence that is easily three hundred pages longer and about a half-dozen plotlines more involved than it needs to be, I’d be lying.