LISA features advanced testing capabilities for today’s leading UI presentation layers, for validation of complex browser-based apps, including technologies. 29 Oct Is LISA full local mode or does it need an Internet connection? . L.I.S.A Documentation, Release Chapter 7. Tutorials. 26 Nov ITKO is the leading provider of virtualization and validation solutions. ITKO’s first product LISA was launched in for high-volume Load.

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LISA’s testing offers a low-impact way to extend Web Services tests, as well as turn these unit and functional tests into multiple user concurrency tests and load tests that can be shared with other LISA Edition users. To select the type of messages to be published. The Response Message tab is shown below: This is only needed in asynchronous mode. You can build one or more web interfaces that talk to a web service, but to directly validate SOAP objects in development, your teams must typically code a “test client” and maintain fragile testing scripts.

There are many tools that cover one point of failure in your web services applications – for example, unit testing of calls, examining your SOAP code, or measuring response times for requests.

For giving the message content to be published to the queue or topic.

Different type of messages that can be published are: For specifying a selector query to be run when listening for a message on a queue. Codeless UI Recording and Testing: It is used by an application to make program calls from one machine to another through a network. This URL consists of the server name and itkko port over which the service is present.

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Apart from that it mainly describes about binding i. All of these steps occur in near real-time, as you pisa never “writing” test code to directly interact with Web Services with LISA.

Developers and QA teams use a point-and-click interface to record current states and make logical “assertions” against Tutoiral and SOAP objects, and LISA automates many of the compliance checks and staging documents and delivers the results in an easy-to-use format. Hi, I would like to know “If I am importing an excel sheet and I want that excel sheet to take the record which is at 7th position.

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To select the period to irko before LISA interrupts waiting for a message this field can be left blank for no timeout. When you try to cobble these tools together into a solution, you may find yourself building and supporting your very own testing framework. Jeetu Chauhan February 6, at 8: LISA pre-populates this field with default values. All you need to know is the URL to capture and invoke any type of test against a web service! Benefits LISA’s testing offers a low-impact way to extend Web Services tests, as ilsa as turn these unit and functional tests into multiple user concurrency tests and load tests that thtorial be shared with other LISA Edition users.

The name of the topic or queue to which the message is to be published.

Now after parameterize, we have to create a test data with different set of test values for the tags. In a single application environment, LISA can test these Rich Internet Application RIA lida, all the way through to the services, content and implementation layers that support them for complete test coverage. Lorean Buchholt November 23, at 6: Read tutoriall the related Posts: The syntax is similar to SQL. Server Simulation of a running web service instance within a running LISA test case, meaning you can test web services conditions non-destructively before or after deployment.


Unlike other tools that simulate variable user behavior and “think time” only by setting an arbitrary time frame ilsa each successive test step, LISA allows testers to flexibly synchronize suites of tests with the real-world conditions and timing produced by each step of the test case.

One LISA test case can follow a complex workflow and validate multiple web sessions, web services, and servers. Customers Case Studies By Industry.

Any tutorial on ITKO LISA (Testing forum at Coderanch)

Developers and non-developers can rapidly learn and use LISA. Increased automation of UI testing can provide important time savings and productivity gains to any QA organization, allowing an increased focus on new functionality that needs to be validated.

LISA allows you to test these “headless” components as if accessing them from multiple web interfaces or through other web services. For the enterprise today, RIAs are becoming a common front end UI to many consumer and business tutoriaal, and LISA provides a single environment to test and ensure quality across all the implementation layers where data and business logic resides.

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