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1 Jul ISO (E). PDF disclaimer. This PDF file may contain embedded typefaces. In accordance with Adobe’s licensing policy, this file may. 21 Jun Purchase your copy of ISO as a PDF download or hard copy directly from the official BSI Shop. All BSI British Standards available. In ISO and ISO more sophisticated hazard criteria were adopted. Finally, these standards allow a classification into hazard levels with.

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F High hazard Glazing is observed to fracture and there are more 1693 10 rateable perforations in the area of the vertical witness panel higher than 0,5 m above the floor, or there are one or more perforations in the same witness panel area with fragment penetration more than 12 mm.

Arena test classifications and effects are compared with those of the shock tube test classifications as in Reference [2]. The test frame shall be provided with clamping 19633 to hold each glazing in position and means for producing uniform clamping of the glazing. As such non-standard glazing assemblies may only be tested but not classified in accordance with isoo standard, the number of test specimens will be as agreed prior to test.

The data-acquisition system shall also incorporate filters to exclude alias frequency effects from the data.

Match the measured and recorded pressure-time trace, P tfor the positive phase to the best fit, smoothed mean curve through the measured points to derive the values of P max and t ir This may be done by numerical methods or a combination of numerical methods and curve smoothing by eye. The original copy of the test report shall be furnished to the sponsor of the test.

Establish the value of the resulting measured peak pressure, P maxby recording the pressure value from the point at which the mean pressure-time trace crosses the time-of-arrival axis. The survival condition and anchoring provisions shall be described in the test report. Range test [7] EN 2Glass in building — Security glazing — Testing and classification of resistance against explosion pressure [8] Johnson, N. The transducers shall be located such that the pressure and impulse in the centre of each test specimen can be computed.


Nominal charge size and nominal 1633 distances capable of giving the required peak pressure and impulse values under certain conditions are included in Clause C. The testing agency selects the explosive and test dimensions to yield a high-explosive blast having the required classification criteria for the site conditions. Contact us at the following isp. Also, there are no more than three rateable perforations or indents anywhere in the witness panel and any fragments on the floor between 1 m and 3 m from the interior face of the specimen have a sum total united dimension of mm or less.

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The high explosive shall then be armed in a manner to maximize safety of personnel in the event of accidental discharge of the explosive during the arming procedure. Also, there are no more than three rateable perforations or indents anywhere in the witness panel, and any fragments on the floor between 1 m and 3 m from the interior face of the specimen have a sum total united dimension of mm or less. For further information, see Annexes A and B. The value derived from several of these individual, adjusted peak pressures for comparison with the classification criteria is referred to as the “mean peak air-blast pressure”, as in Clause 8 and Tables 2 and 3.

To accommodate high-speed photography, a hole no greater than mm x mm may be made in the top or bottom corner of the witness panel within an area bounded by one third of the height and width of the panel. The air-blast pressure transducers shall be flush with the surface of the reaction structure on the air-blast side.


The witness panels shall be carefully inspected for the presence of perforations and indents resulting from the blast. Examples of minimum sizes of glass particles classed as fragments are provided in Annex D informative.

As a result the air “shocks up” to form a blast wave. The resulting mean values from several tests were then averaged and rounded down to provide a realistic, achievable set of mean values to be applied as classification values to the centre of a test specimen.

ISO 16933:2007

Table 1 — Hazard-rating criteria for arena tests Hazard rating Hazard-rating description Definition A No break The glazing is observed not to fracture and there is no visible damage to the glazing system. The first is intended for use with glazing designed to protect against vehicle bombs and is based on kg TNT trinitrotoluene equivalent blasts. For the purpose of this Ethiopian Standardthe adopted text shall be modified as follows.

For example, the positive phase impulse, 7 posmay be denoted I c where it denotes the classification impulse or 7 t where it denotes the impulse calculated from the measured test values. Unless otherwise specified, testing shall be conducted at ambient temperature as defined in 3. Design based on knowledge of the air-blast resistance reduces the risk of 16933 injury.

The witness panel shall cover the full area projected behind the test specimen and extend down to the floor of the witness area. Also, there are 10 or fewer rateable 1693 in the area of the vertical witness panel higher than 0,5 m above the floor and none of the perforations penetrate more than 12 mm.

Two new ISO standards on security glazing will help protect people against terrorist attacks. Outer leaves from the attack face may be sacrificed and may fall or be projected out.