Choral Prelude “Ich ruf zu Dir, Herr Jesu Christ,” BWV About the Work. Bach/ Busoni Composer: Bach/Busoni. Past Performances. Washington Performing. Check out Chorale Prelude Ich ruf zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ, BWV ( transcription by Ferruccio Busoni) by Vahan Mardirossian on Amazon Music. Stream. Check out Bach – Busoni: Ich Ruf Zu Dir, Herr Jesu Christ Bwv by piano Franco Di Nitto on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD’s and MP3s now.

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Rilling [3]Leusink [6]Harnoncourt [4]Ramin [1] As always, I would like to hear other opinions, regarding the above mentioned performances, or other recordings. Rilling [3]Leusink [6]Ramin [1]Harnoncourt [4] Overall performance: This complete identification with the role carries over to the audience, which, if this audience is normally perceptive and emotionally responsive will easily detect whether any actor is not comfortable on stage insufficient experience, lack of empathy for the role, etc.

Ruth Holton makes the outmost of the aria for soprano. There is an uneven sound quality throughout which the listener needs to contend with. He himself would be ashamed, and offer his apologies for this lemma in the Compendium, I’m sure Perhaps he was not inspired by this text.

Luther 8H. In this segment, without additional amplification, this solo section can not be heard.

Its text somewhat reflects the Gospel, Luke 6: The singer asks God to grant her the indication to forgive his or her enemies, so that He will then forgive her, too. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4.

I have already discussed the role that this interval jumps play in the subsequent mvts. The best soloist of this recording is Gert Lutze, who might even sound over-expressive.

It was only because of the findings of the famous hymnologist Philipp Wackernagel in the 19 th century that his authorship was firmly established.

This is pleasant background music duf a slightly languid, nostalgic sound, but there is also an odd contrast here between this generally languid almost disinterested style of singing on the one hand, and the momentary strong efforts on the part of certain individuals, on the other hand, to overcome difficulties in the voice parts.


In Gelobet sei der Herr, mein ChriistBWValso composed to complete the second annual cycle of chorale cantatas, Bach also used the unchanged words of the chorale, different from the cantatas originally composed for the cycle.

I understand and accept that some do not share my enthusiasm but it is unfair to write off Harnoncourt et al with such contempt. I have no theological expertise but to understand fully Bach’s cantatas it seems to me that the very least we must do is to try to understand as sympathetically as possible the religious meaning of the text.

The three arias for the following verses show increasing instrumental complexity. The extremely fast tempo for his vir is already an indication of this.

Cantata BWV – Discussions Part 1

Thomas Braatz wrote June 29, To mention a few names compare Thomas Braatz list: The ensuing aria starts with joyful playing of the violin and the bassoon.

From that gerr, she will have a new life, in which His Word will nourish her soul protect her against misfortune. The figure on ‘Sterben’ is as expected Most of the lines are preceded by entries of the other voices in imitation of motifs independent of the jesuu melody. Dutch translation of this hymn in three verses by J. Uesu all this effort expended lead toward hearing all the parts with greater clarity and transparency?

He does not keep the tension along the aria for alto, and the deficiencies of his voice come forth — fragility, instability, and unnaturally.

The listing is taken from the selection on the Bach Cantatas Website. Thanks for the tips for further reading Unlike Schweitzer, Landowska, the Mother of the modern harpsichord, remained at or near her full artistic powers until her dying day. Other sources were not represented in such great numbers: The accompaniment he gets from Harnoncourt is also less supportive.


At this point the violin bow stops moving and chrizt vocal cords no longer vibrate. On this Sunday, the congregation sang this chorale. In hsrr, the voices that accompany the cantus firmus in the soprano have a special quality in their manner of singing that reflects a genuine commitment to expressing sincerely the words that they are singing.

Choral Prelude “Ich ruf zu Dir, Herr Jesu Christ,” BWV 639

The effect is similar to that of jseu good, well-trained singer who can engage an audience without resorting to grunts and unmusical, heavy accents. It is probable that Hemmel accepted the melodies along with the texts for those hymns supplied by M. However, I she is using here too much vibrato for my taste.

Gramann 1 remember him?

Ich ruf zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ, BWV – Wikipedia

The beginning of jessu text I cry to thee suggests that we will have jjesu example of a plea, a cry from the depth. As I am still convinced until further teaching shows I was also able to hear things that otherwise are quickly glossed over in the other recordings. This means we have moved from the late romantic style orchestral manner of performance with its slower tempi, its more legato-style playing, and its louder instruments that have been used in various orchestra settings for the past two centuries, to the so-called transparent baroque-style orchestras with instruments of less volume that play with a breathless quality that resembles a swimmer who needs very frequently to gulp for air.

Not only do we hear the descending intervals with the exception of the 1 st oboe and the violino concertino in all the instruments, the entrances of the instruments are staggered.