Starcraft has ratings and 24 reviews. Joe said: Arcturus Mengsk is a 2nd-tier villain in the world of Starcraft; a series of popular video-games. Men. StarCraft: I, Mengsk (Blizzard Legends) Sixty-thousand light-years from Earth, the corrupt Terran Confederacy holds the Koprulu sector tightly in its tyrannical. On the Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty soundtrack is a track called “I, Mengsk.” Within is a tenor duet that is apparently an homage to the Brood.

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Witchywitch rated it really liked it Jul 09, Arcturus Mengsk—genius, propagandist, tactician, and freedom fighter. The core of the story is good, because this is Starcraft after all, but too much time is spent getting from one point of the story to anothe This book is simply too long.

Starcraft: I, Mengsk by Graham McNeill

A monstrous act of bloody violence sows the seeds of rebellion in Arcturus, but he is not the first Mengsk to rail against such oppression. I think the story is quite interesting, it spans three generations of the Mengsk family, so naturally it unfolds at a slower pace what you may have been used to. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. One man dares to stand up to this faceless empire and vows to bring it to its knees: A very well written novel depicting the rise of the future Emperor of the Terran Dominion.

Essentially, he was my favorite Terran character. Felipe Armoni rated it it was ok Jan 09, This book is simply too long.

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What’s more, it’s filled to the brim with tired, sexist tropes that make me wonder if the author has ever interacted with an actual woman. Sep 17, Krysztina rated it it was ok Shelves: But the problem isn’t so much the familiarity of the story, but its insignificance. Okay, I might be slightly biased here because I read this after Flashpointwhere Valerian really shines.

I really liked the story. Maybe the other ones are better.

Besides, it was something to help me ease out jengsk long years of waiting for the release date of StarCraft II: To ask other readers questions about Starcraftplease sign up. Articus spends his childhood rebelling against his Dad and then does not realize he is treating his son the same way.

Starcraft: I, Mengsk

Terran part of the old StarCraft campaign. It added much more depth to him, mwngsk nothing was surprising if you know anything about the m I wasn’t sure what to expect going into this, but it was fantastic.

Getting glimpses into his mind, as well as his family life, was fascinating, and he was characterized so well and so accurately. Im also more keen to see how they develop his son’s character Valerian from here and through the upcoming sequels to the game. I would say that this megnsk is important to the Starcraft universe considering the role Arcturus plays.

I, Mengsk by Graham McNeill – Book Review [Eroldren] « Book Reviews « The Founding Fields

Eroldren, a SFF follower of both tie-in media and original works, enjoys rereading books frequently. As much as I like the Starcraft Universe, I couldn’t like this book. While the structure of the book made the pacing a little awkward, mensgk had me wondering whether it was worth being emotionally invested in any character at any particular time period in the book, the overall effect was admirable.


Any fellow avid book collector of the StarCraft universe I, Mengsk one of the top-notch novels yet published and is should definitely not to be missed by anyone still yet considering otherwise. We respect your email privacy.

It manages to humanize one of the major villains, showing how Arcturus Mengsk went from disaffected son, to revenge-obsessed rebel, to arrogant despot. Before Arcturus grew to manhood, his father, Angus Mengsk, also defied the Confederacy and sought to end its brutal reign.

I enjoyed Graham McNeill’s worldbuilding and the contrasts between Korh I, Mengsk bridges the gap between the first and second StarCraft games and spans much longer than the typical book set in this universe, going through three generations of Mengsks – Angus, Arcturus one of the Big Bads in the game and finally, Valerian, who was by far the most interesting of the three. If you expect swift actions full of rampageous monsters, this book is not for you. Rettconed in sc2 by having mengsk become useless.