The Supreme Doctrine is rich and dense in its explanation of how the individual man forms and matures. Benoit refers to this process as the pattern of our natural . The Supreme Doctrine has 25 ratings and 3 reviews. Dr. Hubert Benoit, a psychotherapist in WWII France, was inclined to call it a deep existential dread in the. 1 quote from The Supreme Doctrine: Psychological Studies in Zen Thought: ‘My organism is a link in the immense chain of cosmic cause and effect, and I ca.

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Our modern chat room. Hubert Benoit’s Reasoned Formulation of Zen. I no longer recall what was refuted, but I remember it was Benoit himself who said in his last book that he was refuting bneoit prior books.

Hubert Benoit (psychotherapist)

In his work he stressed the significance of establishing a metaphysical framework within which an intellectual understanding of the human predicament could develop. Huxley promoted Benoit’s pioneering attempt to integrate Zen and other Eastern teachings dodtrine a Western frame of reference, and others followed suit.

First to coalesce is the instinctive center, with its appetite to doctrins, its desire to affirm a distinct self, and a desire for only the positive aspects of existence.

This perspective was captured eloquently by W. Elias Abo Sine marked it as to-read Oct 02, Truth, beauty Then look for the corresponding compensation categories: He also provided the preface to the first edition of Benoit’s best known book, The Supreme Doctrineconcluding:.

What do these compensations compensate for? The Theosophical Publishing House. For another opinion on Hubert Benoit, go to: Terence Gray did the first. In one of her two books Charlotte Joko Beck says that Zen and the Psychology of Transformation, The Supreme Doctrine, was more important to her than any teacher in the flesh. Our animal or emotional self has to learn the same lesson in its own way.


Benoit describes six compensation categories and how they are related to our individual values. A directory of items following the introductory remarks: French psychoanalysts Buddhist writers French translators French surgeons French medical writers births deaths 20th-century translators.

Only because our self-image is faulty. Ville Halonen marked it as to-read Aug 31, We vacillate back and forth, eventually hoping to find some resolution at the midpoint when all else fails.

Who did the new translation? We begin to realize, at least at odd moments, that we’re not the prime mover and beneficiary of the universe.

Not-doing There’s a Zen saying that there is nothing to be done. Fritz Perls in his pop-Gestalt psychology referred to this as a conflict between Top Dog and Underdog.

Hubert Benoit (psychotherapist) – Wikipedia

Benoit’s studies led him to the Vedanta and Taoism as well as Zen Buddhism. And finally “A wandering cur who begs supreeme and pity, pitilessly chased away by the street urchins, is transformed into a lion with a golden mane, whose dictrine strikes terror in the hearts of all feeble creatures. Coctrine Fuller rated it really hibert it Jun 12, This is how we keep ourselves at the center of our suppreme universe: Then a few years ago I was inspired to blow the dust off and reread it. Indradeep Ghosh rated it it was amazing Mar 04, Aug 3, Brnoit He used concepts derived from psychoanalysis to explain the defences against this fundamental unease, and emphasised the importance of an analytic, preparatory phase, while warning against what he regarded as the psychoanalytic overemphasis on specific causal precursors of symptomatology.

Thanks for the comments Clayton. Triangulating to a point of observation above desire and offsetting fear produces true detachment. Retrieved 16 July The ultimate viewpoint, that of reality, is clearly inexpressible; and the teacher would harm the pupil if he let him forget that the whole problem is precisely one of leaping the gap which separates verbal truth from real knowledge.


We may find temporary rest there, but it doesn’t last. This results in a language that is, to my mind, a disembodied language. Journal of Transpersonal Psychology. When Huxley’s hhubert was destroyed by fire inThe Supreme Doctrine was among the books that he singled out for replacement [13].

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I think this was an interesting read, too analytical and disembodied for me, but I did get to have a better insight into the psychology of our fight: The truth, according to Benoit and to Zen, is that this paradise is not something past or future but has always been our state and is our eternal being.

Before satori both hubery exist simultaneously. Letters of Aldous Huxley, edited by Grover Smith. History Philosophy Portal Psychologist. But what happens when the compensatory images don’t cooperate, as in a rebuff by a loved one? Retrieved from ” https: Roger Abrego rated it it was amazing Dec 01, This superior point of observation is the apex of the triangle, where we’ve risen above the plane of the problem.

So like the Taliban think of time in decades and not minutes, hours, and days, and the American This book is huber amazing, but extremely hard to get through. This is a book that should be read by everyone who aspires doctrjne know who he is and what he can do to acquire such self-knowledge.

The Idealist When the abstract self rides high and the animal self low, the idealist comes into being. Randhir marked it as to-read May 27, To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.