Do you need an efficient and knowledgeable writer on topics such as health, mental disorders, introversion, and others? You can hire me for a freelance writing project for your web or print content needs.


My professional background

I am a freelance writer and contributor to various health and motivational magazines. I have also been invited to speak at various conferences and seminars about mental health.

I graduated more than 10 years ago from a prestigious university in New Jersey with a degree in psychology. I began my career in the academe as an instructor, and years later, I joined different non-profit organizations with an advocacy the same as mine. This has sparked my interest in writing articles that raise awareness and develop a deeper understanding about mental health.


What I can do for you

I whip up in-depth and engaging content for websites, blogs, and marketing materials for businesses around the world. Most of my past and present clients are based in the United States, but I also write for a wide variety of audiences—Australians, British, Asians, and more.


I can also do interviews with subject matter experts, mental health advocates, and patients, and craft an informative piece based on them. My wide networks in the niche will be useful in adding depth and breadth to the articles I produce.


I am also skilled in video production and scriptwriting for corporate audio-visual presentations.


Get in touch!

Interested? Send me a message via [email protected] and I will be very glad to keep in touch!