Open Modal. Prev. The Tugendhat house integrates many elements of the Bacelona Pavilion. The building is made . Haus Tugendhat [Trailer]. Among them, there are some remarkable documentaries as “Haus Tugendhat”, a film on the restoration of the famous Mies’ house. Outstanding. Built in Brno between and in the functionalist style by the German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, the Villa Tugendhat, named.

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The film tells the story of the difficult struggle in the twenty-first century of the Tugendhat heirs to give this cadavre exquis, designed by Mies van der Rohe, hwus new lease of life. Prometheus Books, Amherst, NY. He also built more towers and complexes as: Of course, the house did not aspire to solve any social problems.

Kumu Documentary: “Haus Tugendhat”

Inshe became the first female member of its board of directors. Premiere in presence of the two restauration architects and Paul Meurs, professor restauration architecture at the TU Delft. In this period he projected the Wolf House in Guden and the Hermann Lange House in Krefeld and inhe met the designer Lilly Reich, in the house exhibition of Weissenhof, hasu he was director, and he planned a steel structure block for her.

Read more Read less. However, after lunch he likes it.


Retrieved 5 February In he projected his most important work: We use cookies to make your reading a better experience. During this stage, inhe designed his first skyscraper: InMies van der Rohe held the post of chief commissioner of the German Werkbund exhibition, being his president this year.

It was partially repaired and used for various purposes for example as a children’s physiotherapy center for several decades after World War II. It suffered considerable damage during combat at the end of World War II and later, when it served as quarters and stables for the Soviet military. The Tugendhat house integrates many elements of the Bacelona Pavilion.

Haus Tugendhat – Films – Kumu Documentary

From tohe built the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin, which would be his last legacy to the architecture. In the same year, she travelled to England and Holland with Ferdinand Kramer to view modern housing estates. The chauffeur’s flat with the garages and the terrace are accessed separately. Mies specified all the tugdndhat, in collaboration with interior designer Lilly Reich two armchairs designed for the building, the Tugendhat chair and the Brno chairare still in production.

Inhe tugenduat the person who would be his partner until his death, Lora Marx. The beauty of theses chairs is still being a sign of distinction, elegancy and luxury. God is in the detail Less is more. The floors are of white linoleum, although some parts are covered by wool and oriental carpets.


Outstanding images that totally worth it. The first level street floor is here the private rooms are: Federal Center of Chicago.

1930 Haus Tugendhat

The free-standing three-story villa is on a slope and faces the south-west. Inhe met the person who would be his partner until his death, Lora Marx. This was subsequently displayed in the textile industry section of the German Pavilion at the Paris World Exhibition of Photograph of the Tugendhat House under construction taken by Daniela Tugendhat in Haus Tugendhat, a documentary by Dieter Reifarth.

On the property Hugendhat developed a split-level house with three floors: I think we should treat our clients as children, not as architects. Later, parts of the original wood tigendhat were found at Masaryk Universitya building used by the Gestapo as their Brno headquarters.

The entrance, bedrooms, nanny quarters, a terrace and play area, and a garage with chauffeur quarters are on the upper level; the living spaces, kitchen, winter garden and another terrace are jaus the middle level; and the utilities are on the lowest level. In the Enoch, the Tugendhat house provoked dissimilar opinions in the critics.