Complete Hadith-e Kisa(حَدِيثُ اَلكِسَاء) with English and Urdu – e-Kisa (Tradition of the Cloak) حَدِيثُ اَلكِسَاء Prophet Muhammad peace be upon. Every Muslim should know the historical events of Islam that were stated through a hadees to guide whole this purpose this beautiful app has been. Ahl al-Kisa or the People of the Cloak, are the Islamic prophet, Muhammad; his daughter, Fatimah; his cousin and son-in-law.

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Ahl al-Kisa

This hadith is graded authentic by Shia Muslims and Sunnishowever many Sunnis plead a different interpretation. I have not created any well-established sky, extended land, glowing moon, shining sun, revolving planet, flowing ocean, or moving on ark except for your sake and for your love.

In contrast, the third branch, the Zaidisview them only as political figures with the duty to lead revolts against corrupt rulers and governments. Gabriel, the trusted, landed near them and said: Yesterday was the day of her martyrdom 3rd Jamad us Sani. Whoever displeases them, displeased me too. Hasan went near the cloak and said: O Residents of My Heavens, verily, I have not created the erected Sky, the stretched earth, the illuminated moon, the bright sun, the rotating planets, the hadeex seas and the sailing ships, but for your sake and love”.

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Waking Life: Hadees e Kisa (The Event of Cloak)

Other than this, among the narrators of this Hadeeth, are 15 companions of the Messenger s. I smell a fragrance so sweet and so pure as that of my grandfather, the Prophet of Allah”.


I smell kisz sweet fragrance like that of my grandfather, the Prophet of Allah”. S – her husband, Hasan A.

Without proper rendering supportyou may see question marks, boxes, or other symbols. Muhammad then prayed to God to declare all five of them as his Ahl al-Bayt and keep away the Najasat impurities. For the Shia, it is the basis of the doctrine that the leader of the Muslims should be purified per Quran My father, the Prophet of Allah, came to my house one day and said to me: No more than a while passed when my son al-Hasan came in, “Peace be upon you, mother!

Veccia Vaglieri, in her Encyclopedia of Islam article entitled “Fatima”, writes:. By mentioning the origin of purity Tat-heer additional emphasis has been created in the subject. This hadith is central to the Shia beliefs.

Part of a series on Shia Islam. I am particularly fond of the Urdu Manzuma poetic version of the hadees which is regularly read in many households especially Shia households on every Thursday night. The origin of this belief is found in the Hadith of the Event of the Cloak hadfes the Hadith of Mubahala. They are my confidants and my uadees. Ar Rawza an Nazeer. After a while, my son Hasan came in. Razz’s Ramblings My other blog about all things technical.

Please tell me; what is the value of this gathering of us under this cloak in the sight of Allah? God desires to keep away the uncleanness from “only” you, “O people of the House,” and not from anyone else, and this is why the six stern commandments of the other verses are given kida the wives, because they are not protected and must act accordingly; the “people of the house”, on the other hand, need no such instructions.


Fatimah, her father, her husband and her two sons”. Later he was joined in that Yemeni cloak by his grandsons Hassan and Husayn, who were followed by their father Ali, who was cousin and son-in-law of Muhammad. Will you allow me to be with you under the cloak?

Hadees e Kisa (حدیث کسا) APK

I swear it by Allah. Allamah Sheikh Mohammad Saduqi Yazdi r. The hadith is an account of an incident where Muhammad gathered Hassan, Husayn, Ali, and Fatimah under his cloak. Hadwes 5 Paak-pure declaring their purity and infallibility — And there is no place in this noble verse for any other lady other these five noble ones — Neither it is related to the wives of the Prophet s.

Sunnis tend to view this as Sahih and have included it in Sahih Muslim [2].

Hafiz Delmi, author of Kitab Firdaws, refered by Sawaaiq. S – her first son and Hussain A. To come and salute everyday hxdees the door of Zahra s. He is underneath the cloak with your two sons”. You are given the permission” Gabriel, the trusted, landed near them and said: