Direct Filing Addresses for Form ID, Consideration of. Update to Form ID, Consideration of Deferred Action for. 10 Sep If you are an eligible national of a designated country, use this form to apply for Temporary Protected Status (TPS). When filing an initial TPS.

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For each item that you are explaining, list the page number found in the bottom right-hand corner of each sheetthe part number, and the item or line number to which you are referring. Include at least one telephone number and an email address if you have one in Lines Just remember that you must prove that you meet all the requirements in order to get DACA.

The supporting documents are very important and a crucial part of completing the application to Apply or Renew for Deferred Action. If so, write that number here. If you have a U.

Contact Information, Certification, and Signature of the I-812d. Evidence to obtain DACA may include: Evidence to i-821x DACA may include:.

Sign and date the bottom of each forrm no matter how many pages you include. For Initial Requests Only. If you are divorced or widowed it is always a good idea to include a copy of the divorce decree or death certificate.

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What are some supporting documents to submit with application for DACA? Lines 5 through 5g: In Part I, Line 4, you could use a mailing address. If you have been a member of the U. Fill in your date of birth in the appropriate format matching the date listed on your birth certificate, passport, or other official identification documents.

Also, if you i-821x a document include a copy.

Include them and explain what happened. Indicate whether or not you have left the U. Any other response you will likely be denied. Information about You Lines 1 and 2: Consult with an immigration attorney first. Residence and I-81d Information. Check whether or not you are Hispanic or Latino.

Those who have never previously held DACA status, can no longer apply under this program. Form ID has eight separate sections. If you’ve never held status under DACA, you can no longer apply. Immigrants Commit Fewer Violent Crimes. Write where you were born. Fill out each question completely and accurately.

How to fill out Form I-821D for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

If there is any question on this form that you did not have the space to answer fully and completely, use Part 8 to do so. You can only have had brief trips abroad. Our software was built by immigration professionals and currently used by immigration attorneys. Write your height, weight, and eye and hair color. Lines 4a through 4e: Immigrant Children Pray to be Reunited with Parents.


Enter your current mailing address. If you have any questions, to speak to our knowledgeable staff call This is usually the country were you were born and issued you a passport. This is the same as line 1 but concerns outside the U. Gorm you are in proceedings now, 5f asks for the last date you appeared forrm immigration court check your documents and the city and state where the court is located 5g.

We have no connection to U.

This is where you attorney puts his or her information. Fill in the address where corm currently live and since when have you lived there. List your education status; the name of your school and the city and state where it is located; and the date of your graduation here.

ID Deferred Action Application Online

If your name has changed, i. If you can read and understand English, select line 1a. Lines 3a through 3c: If anyone other than you prepared Form ID, that person must place their information here. If you have never served in the U. This must be where you actually live. This section asks questions about each of these issues.