from “Dukla”. Nonfiction by Andrzej Stasiuk. One Saturday the summer vacationers appeared. The village was slowly becoming a tourist spot. A few cabins, a. Andrzej Stasiuk is one of the most successful and internationally acclaimed contemporary Dukla marked Stasiuk’s breakthrough in Germany and helped him build his most appreciative readership outside Poland, although a number of his. 29 Aug Character is plot in this unusual collection (first published in Poland in ) from Stasiuk, the author of On the Road to Babadag. Beginning.

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City of Gold Coast Libraries. Darkness or blindness give things meaning, when the mind has to seek out a way in the shadows, providing its own light.

There were also stuffed plastic bags, over a dozen colored sacks filled with who knew what, but certainly something light, because they swung in the breeze. Dalkey Archive Press, The white islets of spittle floated downstream. Feb 28, Tuck rated it it was amazing Shelves: Even if you don’t know what that look means yourself, if you pay attention to clothes, you will know of some equivalent – and perhaps also guess at Gierek’s significance and duration, for we might conceivably stasiui ‘Thatcher’ or ‘Blair’ in such a way, but probably not ‘Callaghan’ or ‘Brown’.

From the beginning you know that this is not a book sttasiuk can treat lightly – it demands that you concentrate, that you pay attention.

Srasiuk is very poetic. And he understands this: View all 8 comments. Taking an usual form–a short essay, a novella, and then a series of brief portraits of local people or event–this book, though stzsiuk on the metaphysical, the mystical, even the supernatural, never loses sight of the particular time, and above all place, in which it is rooted”–Cover p.


Books by Andrzej Stasiuk. Observing a dog out of the window on the same journey: I watched them go.

Andrzej Stasiuk

So I decided to try and find the house that R. Stasiuk frequently contributes articles to Polish and German papers. I won’t go on, even though my copy is marked up until p. Stasuk is best known for his travel literature and essays that describe the reality of Eastern Europe and its relationship with the West.

I watched her climb higher and higher, her brown thighs moving beneath the parasol of her dress. This journey of Staciuk’s reminds me of so many of my journeys in Eastern Europe. He is best known for stasuuk travel literature and essays that describe the reality of Eastern Europe and its relationship with the West.

Andrzej Stasiuk claims that his writing originates in a really pleasant time, and that he never felt that something was demanded from him in the pursuit of writing. The proof that it’s intentional should come in the next few pages, where I’d expect echoes of the humor, the Rabelaisian body imagery, or some such ironic misuse of the sublime.

The passage closes with a single ambiguous statement all the more striking for its contrast to the delicate specificity that precedes it: We lose all sense of time.

from “Dukla” – Words Without Borders

So why did I gave it two and a half stars for? Andrzej Stasiuk is also the founder of Wydawnictwo Czarne, a private and independent publishing sfasiuk which he started up in Andrzej Stasiuk is one of the most successful and internationally acclaimed contemporary Polish writers, journalists and literary critics.

Fair enough, and exactly on some of my own interests. Either way, it’s an odd word and an indigestible image. The European mainland phenomenon of regular named windstorms — Mistral, Sirocco, etc.


E per farlo, sceglie di condurci in un luogo di confine per eccellenza, dove le frontiere si intrecciano e modificano duklx luce e il buio: She resembled liquid mercury. A moment later they turned toward the steps leading up to the hostel. I went into the last stall and closed the plastic shower curtain behind me.

The Resurrection of Experience: A Review of Andrzej Stasiuk’s Dukla Jason DeYoung | Numéro Cinq

I love the way the words make me feel this place: There’s a sort of stream of consciousness to it all. The Ice Man Experience: Its underlying theme is light – an attempt to capture the effects of light in prose rather than pictures; I did not find this so noticeable, but the scenes have strongly visual qualities, like photos or short films. All this, though, I saw later.

The woman straightened her hands where they lay in her lap and said, “Sit still.

As is said a couple of times in The Year of Living Danishlyone of the reasons perhaps being that they didn’t urbanise so quickly and it’s only a generation or two since many more Continentals were living off the land. Then towards the end, 17 short chapters, some which would be only a couple of pages in a print edition, contain precise and lovely vignettes about nature. Someone had gone to a lot of trouble to organize the misshapen pieces into an almost perfect cuboid.