There has mentioned a lot regarding the reward(Thawab) of this Dua, but at the moment I explain solely concerning the mentioned reward that. Dua e yastasheer دعاء يستشير – Quran O Itrat Academy. DUA’A YASTASHEER. Ibna Tawus in Muhaj al-Dawat and Kafami in al-Misbah narrate this supplication on the authority of Moula Ali (asws) who learnt it from.

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There is none to elevate what You have lowered. For him who recites it before going to sleep Allah appoints one thousand angels to pray for him till morning.

– Islamic Supplication Browser – Dua Yastasheer

He is the greatest Cherisher. He gets freedom from wants and is kept safe dau hardships and misfortunes. You are of vast blessing. The Holy Prophet advised him to recite this dua’a regularly, whether in prosperity or poverty, till death, because it unveils the secretes of creation and divine strategy. With Thee are lodged all complaints.

You are the Omniscient while I am ignorant. You are present in all gatherings, and are the witness of all secrets, and the ultimate goal of all supplications, the expeller of all sorrows, the affluence of every needy person, the stronghold for every refugee, security for everyone who is terror-stricken, a shield for the weak a treasure for the indigent, the destroyer of griefs, the helper of the virtuous.

There is none to elevate what You gastasheer lowered and no one to exalt him whom You leaves in disgrace and no one to bring into disgrace him whom You exalts and no one to prevent him upon whom You bestoweth Thy favour and no one to bestow anything, which You hath withheld.


Intelligent can not describe its meanings. So, I bear witness that verily You are Allah. The apostle of Allah taught me this Dua and ordered me to recite it in each hardness or easiness and likewise I teach it to my successor and do not leave reciting of this Dua till… So, to be honest, I have not read this Dua before, but I am sure that in case of the accuracy of this tradition, you ought to be sure that it will duq you its mentioned rewards.

You are the protector of him who yastasheef firmly attached to Thee and humiliates himself before Thee, a shield for him who seeks refuge with Thee, yastasherr help of him who looks up to Thee for help, the forgiver of sins for him who begs Thy pardon, the complier of the tyrant, the most grand of the grand, the most great of the great, the master of masters, the Lord of lords, the Succour of the grieved, the Helper of those crying for help, the Responder to the call of the distressed, the best of all listeners, the best of all yastasheef, the best of all judges, the quickest of all reckoners, the most merciful of all the merciful the best of all forgivers, the satisfier of the needs of the faithful, and the hearer of the appeals of yastasher virtuous.

And Allah is sufficient for us and most excellent is the Protector.

And have anyone witness this from their own experience work? You existed aystasheer the existence of everything and You created everything.

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O Allah You are Great and Supreme. His needs are taken care of. Ibna tawus in his book Muhaj al Dawat and Kafami in his book Misbah narrate this dua’a on the authority of Imam Ali ibna abi Talib who learned it from the Holy Prophet.

You are the Master while I am slave. He is the Administrator without any minister and without consultation with any of his slaves. The sound of this dua’a moves to and from around the arsh, its direct destination.

You are the Responder and I am the distressed. So, I bear witness that verily You are Allah. There is no god but He, the Living, the Just, the Manifest. Such is Allah, our Lord. You enriched some and reduced others to poverty, caused some to die and brought others to life, and made some people glad and other weep.

You are the Creator and Supporter. The apostle of Allah pbuh said: Verily You rules from the Throne. Verily You rules from the Throne.

allah – How powerful is the dua Yastasheer? – Islam Stack Exchange

There is neither might nor power but with Allah the Great, the Exalted. The Holy Prophet advised him to recite this dua’a regularly, whether in prosperity or poverty, till death, because it unveils the secretes of creation and divine strategy. Thy Decree is everpowering and Thy Knowledge is operative. You are the Creator and Supporter.