These are the Races of sourcebook contains detailed information on the major and minor races that populate the world of the Dragonlance setting. Some character races are considere unusual in Ansalon, and may not be appropriate for all Dragonlance saga campaigns. You must receive permission from. The list of Dragonlance creatures attempts to list the races that can be found in the . They are physically identical to their brethren in Ansalon, but the curse of.

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Their skins are warty and blotted with ugly marks, considered to be a sign of beauty. Certain individuals might be, which is why the sivak core race is what it is and allows for smarter, more alert, or more charismatic sivaks with class levels or elite ability scores.

I thought your were refering to the fighter gripping his “hilt” with that smirk on his face. My hats off to her for doing such an awesome job! This would turn the lover into another Dragonance. Interesting but a brickwall.

Races of Ansalon

One of your parents or ancestors was a kender, and some of this ancestor’s traits have been passed down to you. Kender society and politics is complex and ever-changing; leaders tend to be the individuals with the most interesting ideas, and in other respects kender society resembles an anarchy. Also, since these guys are 6 HD, you’ll also have to factor in that the increased abilities are also related to high HD, just as draginlance human’s 1st level abilities will be lower than a 6th level human fighter because of those 6 levels.


We have already scrapped our old campaign in order to create new characters using that which is in the book.

The highest an average gully dwarf can count is 2, though some have become smart enough to count to 3. Kagonesti have no permanent settlements, and build temporary villages ruled by the oldest and wisest member of the tribe.

They can articulate their lips and tongue to speak the common tongue, although they use their own secret dialect. I really loved that Trilogy and I kinda wandered how dwarves were just shrugging off magic left and right.

D&D Dungeons and Dragons D20 Dragonlance Races of Ansalon Sourcebook | eBay

Actually it is the Dragonslayers and Proud of it by Larry Elmore. Thoradorian minotaurs, a degenerate beast-like subrace, have hooves.

Please give me an advice! Endscapes are the most savage of centaurs, and are both crude and lacking in physical beauty. Could you help me to get those?

Frost giants might be a fun threat to bump into in Icewall.

If so, nothing happened. Where can I get the print version of this book? They have a talent for mysticism. Why were they way off? Proud centaurs remain ever conscious of their appearance.

Races of Ansalon and Lost Leaves on DNDClassics! – Dragonlance Nexus

Phathons just seem a bit more powerful with fiery wings and all. It’s your game, after all! Males are engrossed with their own pleasure and whims, whereas females are better tempered and self controlling.


We didn’t want to build it into the base racial raes. These dark dwarves have a powerful culture, and are infamous for murder, torture, and thievery.

Tell us what you think! The gnomes are considered one of the races of the Greygem because they are the ancestors of dwarves and kenders.

Any of these could fit well with Dragonlance.

I wouldn’t describe an assassin with the word “thug”, though. They are of average height. Many other races foolishly underestimate the or, honour, and savagery of the minotaur race.

I love the idea of an Evil Gnome with a tall pointed red hat. Well, if you love Sivaks so much why don’t you marry one?

Races of Ansalon and Lost Leaves on DNDClassics!

Gnomes dwell in small numbers throughout Ansalon, usually in remote mining communities. A whole slew of new racial feats that’ll make just make playing the “lesser” races just all that more fun. Now that’s all dandy and makes perfect sense. The most common breed of centaurs are known as Abanasinians; these centaurs once dwelled on the plains of Abanasinia, but migrated south into Qualinesti and then throughout the forests of Ansalon.

I saw that the Nightstalker and the Handler have the same class’ skills list and skill points per level. They are about feet tall.