Die Kreatur von Jekyll Island – die US-Notenbank Federal Reserve ; das schrecklichste Ungeheuer, das die internationale Hochfinanz je schuf. Aus dem. : Die Kreatur von Jekyll Island: Die US-Notenbank Federal Reserve – Das schrecklichste Ungeheuer, das die internationale Hochfinanz je schuf. Die Kreatur von Jekyll Island: Die US-Notenbank Federal Reserve – Das schrecklichste Ungeheuer, das die internationale Hochfinanz je schuf. Front Cover.

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That is what we’re dealing with. When the bill was introduced Congress put thumbs-down on it. And the implication is that without this scam we couldn’t be living well, without this scam somehow we’d be still crawling around in caves. Generally those are the ones who are up at the nozzle where this new money is ide into the system or they’re involved in the government or they have government subsidies of they’re close to the nozzle.

They said the only way you can do that is with a flexible currency. I’d like to explain for you who are in doubt what that means. That is the report card for the Federal Reserve System after 80 years of stabilizing our economy. If you campaigned against the money trust you were quite apt to be elected and that was what I call “the people you love to hate” money trust.

First of all it is a half-truth and it is a non-solution. We got a mechanism whereby Congress has been able to raise unlimited taxes from the American people without them even knowing that they’re paying a tax and we got a mechanism whereby the banks can earn perpetual interest on nothing.

I know in fact that there are always quite a few skeptics that come to these meetings and frankly you are the folks I’m talking to tonight because once, not too long ago, I was in that same frame of mind. That’s still not the end of the process. It’s as though nobody got it, we all lost it, it’s like it evaporated and went up to heaven somewhere. I put these into the most concise phrasing that I can to make them somewhat shocking and maybe you’ll remember them:.


What are the objectives of any cartel? It’s a hybrid, part corporation and part government, part private, part government. I couldn’t think of any objection to it, I thought what are they going to say, what are the defenders of the Federal Reserve System going to say to me?

I’ve heard some people say “isn’t that interesting, these fellows are sure smart, I guess they deserve to be rich. First of all, much to my surprise, I did not expect this, Grider’s history was, Mreatur thought, excellent. Then we’ll add the word “Reserve” to make it seem like there are reserves somewhere, like it was a banking concept.

Warburg was right and they fixed it up later. There you have it. The gain that they are getting through the inflation process they’re having to give to the bank in the form of interest on nothing. They were told that should they arrive at the station at the same time they should pretend like they didn’t krfatur know each mekyll.

We’re talking about people such as J.

These fellows were not stupid. How do we know? We got a corporation chartered by Congress which was given an exclusive franchise to create our nation’s money supply. The servants and train crew may have known the vkn of one or two of us, but they did not know all and it was the names of all printed together that would’ve made our mysterious journey significant in Washington, in Wall Street, even in London.

Penn Central Railroad was bailed out in Generally speaking once this money is created in the loan process it is out there in the economy forever, perpetually earning islanx for one of the members of the banking cartel which created that money.


Die Kreatur Von Jekyll Island ISBN 3864452988 Isbn-13 9783864452987

In other words, this is the concept behind the recession and the depression and that is another thing that’s wrong with it. So everybody knows about this part of it.

We have no choice but it’s even better that we don’t understand it because we can’t complain about it either. This is extremely significant because it happened precisely at that point in American history where business was undergoing a major and fundamental change in ideology.

There is objective number one, to keep control over the money markets in New York. That clubhouse is still there, by-the-way.

If you can’t uekyll something then you don’t really own it, that’s one of the tests of ownership, your ability to dispose of it. This is very intriguing to think we should audit the Fed but I discovered that probably if they audited the Fed it would get a clean bill because it’s undoubtedly doing exactly what it’s supposed to do according to the law.

The Creature from Jekyll Island, The Federal Reserve, talk by Edward Griffin

It makes no difference how accurate you are when you’re pointing to the problems in America. That’s the other side of this coin. Islsnd been told and ,reatur to borrow money and stay up to the hilt in debt because you borrow in dollars but because of inflation you can pay back with 50 cent pieces. It falls on those on fixed incomes, those who are retired. Now if we hold that up as our guiding principle and give the Federal Reserve a report card it gets a different grade.

Wall Street maintained its dominant position and even enhanced it. I think you’d be very impressed by it.