View and Download Dell OptiPlex GX1 user manual online. Small-Form-Factor System. OptiPlex GX1 Desktop pdf manual download. View and Download Dell OptiPlex GX1 reference and installation manual online. Mini Tower Managed PC Systems. OptiPlex GX1 Desktop pdf manual. View and Download Dell OptiPlex GX1 service manual online. Managed PC and Net PC Systems. OptiPlex GX1 Desktop pdf manual download. Also for.

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Configuration Options Tab,Shift-Tab change fields The following subsections explain in detail each of the options on the System Setup screens. Comments to this Ooptiplex Your Name.

Dell OptiPlex GX1 Reference And Installation Manual

The hard-disk drive bracket is located beneath the externally accessible drive bays at the front of the computer. Dimms onto its corresponding tab.

For easier access inside the chassis, you may want to rotate the power supply out of the way temporarily. Page 21 Each computer system uses a high-performance Peripheral Component Interconnect PCI design that allows you to configure the computer system to your initial requirements and then add Dell-supported upgrades as necessary.

Page Expansion Cards: Position your system so that the monitor and keyboard are directly in front of you as you work.

Page 81 front of computer drive-mounting screws 4 To remove a 5. Chapters 4, 5, 6, and 7. Otherwise, the device driver might not be able to find the card the next time the system boots.


Dell OptiPlex GX1 Manuals

Troubleshooting the Monitor Troubleshooting video problems involves determining which of the following is the source of the problem Nine expansion-card connectors reside on the riser board see Figure Figure 2 shows an example of the character set subtest screen. The tables in this chapter list faults that can cause a beep code or system error message to occur and the probable causes of the fault in each case.

To change a jumper setting, pull the plug off its pin s and carefully fit it down onto the pin s indicated. Moves to the next field.

See the operating system documentation for more information. Controls And Indicators Page 74 Figure shows an internal view of dwll interior of the low-profile computer and identifies major components for orientation.

Customer Service and Technical toll free: Troubleshooting System Memory Fold cables out of the way to provide airflow for the fan and cooling o;tiplex. On the left side of the screen, the Available Test Group area lists the diagnostic test groups in the order they will run if you select Manal from the Run menu category. When the operating system is installed, you can connect peripheral devices such as a printer or install application programs not already installed by Dell.


Page Inside Your Computer: Page drive-mounting screws 4 for drive-mounting screws bottom-mounted drive 4 for side-mounted drive hard-disk drive bracket hard-disk drive To remove the hard-disk drive, follow these steps: Page 83 “Assigning a System Password.

Page 86 Pivot lptiplex cover down toward the bottom of the chassis and into position.


Dell OptiPlex GX1 Small-Form-Factor System User’s Guide Device List provides access to the Device List screen where mmanual can choose from a list of available boot devices to boot from and specify the order in which your computer attempts to boot from these devices. Using The System Password Feature Then exit the System Setup program. Trademarks used in this text: If either of these indicators fails to light up during the boot routine, troubleshoot the diskette drive or hard-disk drive subsystem, as appropriate.

You can assign a setup password Microprocessor To take advantage of future options in processor speed and functionality, you can replace the microprocessor on your system nanual with any Dell-supported microprocessor upgrade.