A Steve Jobs keynote presentation is an extraordinary expe- rience, and he. a passionate perfectionist and a visionary How I Became a Hindu by David. David Frawley (Vamadeva Shastri) HOW I BECAME A HINDU My Discovery of Vedic Dharma By David Frawley (Pandit Vamadeva Shastry) Contents Foreword. HOW I BECAME A HINDU My Discovery of Vedic Dharma By David Frawley ( Pandit Vamadeva Shastry).

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We are all becamw beings with the same basic urges and inclinations. No trivia or quizzes yet. But beyond was a wide and beneficent universe with open arms ready to embrace us if we would but set aside our human compulsions.

It believes in many paths and recognizes many names and forms for God, both masculine and feminine. I felt a sacred and wonderful mystery from which we had come and to which we would return after our short sojourn on this strange planet.

His work shows the way not 7 How I Became a Hindu – David Frawley only for the Westerner who wishes to understand Hinduism but also for those Hindus who know their religion only through the interpretations of the Indologists.

I also remember reading Herman Hesse’s Journey to the East. This led to my teaching and writing in the field and helping create study programs and classes.

For most people in davic West becoming a Hindu resembles joining a tribal religion, a Native American or Native African belief with many gods and strange rituals, rather than converting to a creed or belief hondu an organized world religion. He made me familiar with a broad array of mystical teachings: At first I was hesitant to associate with them, feeling 42 How I Became a Hindu – David Frawley bad for their plight, wondering how much they would suffer in hell.

After all the great rishis and yogis didn’t call themselves Hindus but simply spoke of truth and dharma. Ramana Maharshi was like the quintessential sage, who perfectly understood all the workings of the mind as well as the consciousness beyond it.

Excessive thinking weakens the emotions and saps the will. This Vedantic jow of the Vedas gave the impression that the Vedic rishis did not have the knowledge or the realization of the Upanishadic sages. The history of World War II was a big topic of the then post-war era. I was particularly affected by the Chandogya Upanishad, which comes from the Sama Veda or the Veda of song. The intellect gets caught in endless doubts and ends in nihilism or agnosticism. He said both to my surprise and my honor that he would get my writings published in India.


How I Became a Hindu: My Discovery of Vedic Dharma by David Frawley

Consciousness was the basis of existence and had no boundaries. It is a short book and clears many misconception about Hinduism prevalent in today’s world such as Hindu Dharma is and as fralwey corollary Hindus are demonic, intolerant, superstitious, unscientific, cruel, repressive, etc.

I realized that it was a better vehicle to reflect this mysterious universe in which we live. Out of the enthusiasm so generated I memorized the entire list of the pharaohs of Egypt and would recite them with pride.

He was a kind of spiritual anarchist. This strange God created savid devil as well. I fancied myself to be a “mystical atheist” because though I rejected the Biblical idea of a personal God I did recognize an impersonal consciousness or pure being uindu the universe. A major counterculture interest in India, Yoga and gurus began. Vamadeva Shastri has studied, written and taught extensively in the field of Ayurveda, starting with his work with Vasant Lad in The becam size inevitably led us into financial difficulty.

I began to think about consciousness and how it works. It is not about a particular holy book but about understanding our own minds and hearts.

David Frawley

The public schools removed me from religious indoctrination. In it I noted the various verses from the Rig Veda that he used to open the chapters. Hindu Dharma provides all this in a powerful way.

He asked me to mail him some of my writings in India as he would be returning to India in a few months. I could sense in ancient Egypt a monumental spiritual culture with great inner power and magic. Until we reconnect with such deeper spiritual impulses we must remain immature as a race and have a culture that, however technically advanced, leaves us unhappy and spiritually destitute. For such uindu at the young age of fourteen I davjd decided of my own accord to stop going to church on Sundays.


It can even accept Christianity as another line of religious experience but not as the only one or necessarily the best. In fact, its great variety of teachings and methods provides a good foundation for a free individual search, which otherwise as an isolated effort may not go far, just as free inquiry in science benefits from a broad and open tradition of science to draw from.

They were images of an internal landscape that itself becme a doorway into the universe of consciousness and the cosmic powers. Yoga and the Sacred Fire: I particularly enjoyed the French symbolist poets like Rimbaud and Mallarme who had hindi mystic vision. Pandit, the secretary of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. No doubt it has done this for many children throughout the world, who then as adults feel compelled to perpetuate the same abuse on their own children in the name of becoming good Christians.

In looking through the titles of Sri Aurobindo a book called Hymns to the Mystic Fire, which was hymns to Agni from the Rig Veda, struck a cord with my poetic vision.

He used the ignorance of his audience to plant negative ideas frxwley these thinkers so that the students would not fall under their influence. Quotes from How I Became a Hi Because of my background in poetic symbolism the Vedas made perfect sense to me. By seeing the physical universe to be a manifestation of the transcendent spirit, Hindus find meditation on any frawly of this reality to be helpful in the acquisition of knowledge. The German mystic poet Rilke, however, was my favorite and best epitomized what I thought real poetry should be.

I encountered one of the Gods, not as a devotional or cultural image but as a primordial and awesome power.