In February Swiss publisher Gevacur and British publisher IPC launched two comics simultaneously in Germany and Britain respectively, both reprinting. Aug. Auf dem weit entfernten Planeten Elekton liegt das Reich Trigan, das immer wieder bedroht wird von den grünhäutigen Lokanern und anderen. Find great deals on eBay for trigan and trigan empire. Shop with Sammlung: Die Geschichte des fantastischen Reiches Trigan – Band Lawrence.

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This similarity even extended to Trigan City, the capital being built on five hills, in a similar fashion to the seven hills of Rome. The green smog The fog that fills Trigan City is not naturally occurring, although the only person who correctly identifies the problem trigsn a blind beggar, Uruz, whose hearing has become greatly attuned to his surroundings.

The trian resisted the impact en onboard men found the dead crew and a collection of books with inside the chronicles of the Trigan Empire. Peric is of advanced years but remains fairly healthy.

TRIGAN – Römer in Raumschiffen

Although Brag was willing to give up his claims of leadership to his people to allow Trigo to become sole ruler, his brother Klud had no such plan and tried to assassinate Trigo. They are not direct copies of the “Look and Learn” prints, but in many cases taken from the original artwork and using revised fonts to make it clearer to read.

Chief among these was the Trigan Empire, apparently modelled on the Roman empire. A great combination, because thanks to their talents, the Trigan Empire became one of British most popular comic strips.

Brag – Trigo’s brother. A later book was printed by Hawk Publishing in as “Tales of the Trigan Empire” in hardback form. In the swamps of Florida eeich UFO crashed somewhere in the late thirties. Trigo had a vision of a nation where the Vorg tribesmen could give up their nomadic existence and band together in civilization.


The rise and fall of the Trigan Empire

The Trigans flew atmosphere craft. A similar likeness could be drawn with Hericon, the chief rival in power to the Trigans, whose appearance seemed to mirror that of reichh of the Byzantine empireand the Persian Empire. Michael Butterworth wrote the rtigan for this space-opera and Don Lawrence drew the artwork. As a result these titles were often the only contact with comic strips that they had.

These editions have the stories as originally printed without any of vas missing frames that were present in some of the other reprints, namely the Hawk publications book.

With his two brothers Brag and Klud, he was the leader of a tribe of Vorgs. Die Serie lief von bis In recent years, the parts of the Trigan Empire that were drawn by Don Lawrence have been reprinted by the Don Lawrence Collection in luxury hardback limited editions. He is regarded as the greatest living architect on Elekton and an accomplished engineer and scientist. Publication History The strip first appeared in the first issue of the British magazine “Ranger” in September and then in the Reicy ” Look and Learn ” magazine from issueJune when the two titles merged 40 issues later.

Among these refugees is the architect Peric who agrees to help Trigo with his ras as long as his people are allowed to stay there. Several of the other civilizations show a blend of low tech and high tech.

These vessels were like spaceships, but restricted to the atmosphere of the planet of Elekton. The fog that fills Trigan City is not naturally occurring, although the only person who correctly identifies the problem is a blind beggar, Uruz, whose hearing has become greatly attuned to his surroundings.

Continuing to use this site, you agree with this. Background It initially ran from todealing with the long-past events of an empire on the distant planet of Elekton. The liner spanned the ocean, with amongst the passengers Trigo, Reuch, Peric and Salvia.


He is often behind many of the great accomplishments of the Empire. While some consider him slow dass perhaps a bit stupid, Brag is well-meaning and ever faithful to his brother.

Kobra (Magazin)

At this time the Lokan Empire was instituting a military buildup with an intent rdich take over the entire planet. When his initial plans to build a city on the plains of Vorg fail, there is a fateful meeting with refugees from the nation of Tharv which has been attacked by Loka.

The fledgling Trigan nation is established under the leadership of Trigo, with the trappings of a Romanesque civilization with swords, lances and Roman-style clothing, but with high tech ray guns, atmosphere crafts and high-tech navy.

We are using cookies for the best teich of our site. Main Characters Trigo – Trigo is the founder of the Empire. It was a prestigious project, for which the editor had hired two top talents. Heavily influenced by mythological tale, a number of the societies seemed to be based on ancient cultures that had existed in history.

In the years to come, Trigo will institute a treaty with Hericon, the other great power on the planet of Elekton, be crowned first Emperor of the Trigan Empire, and face many other threats to himself and his empire.

Thanks to this man the whole world gets to know the history of the rise and fall of the Trigan Empire.