5 Constitutiounea din which was published in MONITORUL OFICIAL Nr. 29 martie , available at 4 Vezi, pe larg, Angela Banciu, Rolul Constituţiei din în Înlăturând Constituţia din , aşezământul statal elaborat în , din. Abstract: The present paper — From the Constitution of to the Legal Statute of An Insight into the Jewish Problem in Romania — outlines several.

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Constitutiunea din

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. It enshrined the principles of popular sovereignty exercised through representativesseparation of powers in the state, rule of law and decentralisation.

Replace the Constitution. It was then partly revived after the King Michael Coup of August 23,and definitively abrogated when Romania became a republic on December 30, Constitution of Romania Created – Ratified 29 March Signatories Ferdinand I Clnstitutia Replace the Constitution The Constitution consritutia Romaniaalso called the Constitution of Union, was intended to align the organisation of the state on the basis of universal male suffrage and the new realities that arose after the Great Union of The Constitution was abrogated when its February successor came into force.

Constitutia Din in Dezbaterea Contemporanilor :

In a well-functioning democracy, a government represents the will of parliament and not vice versa, as generally happened in the interwar period. The right to vote was expanded beyond the regulations: Views Read Edit View history.


The Liberals came to power in and managed to push through their own draft, which was approved with two abstentions in the Chamber constittutia Deputies on March 26,and the next day in the Senate, with two abstentions.

The government was thus in a position to ensure that its party won a majority in the legislature. External links [ edit ] Text of the constitution v t e. Four draft constitutions existed: Retrieved from ” https: Regarding state organisation, legislative power was entrusted to Parliament Senate and Assembly of Deputies and the King; executive power to the King, who delegated it to the Council of Ministers; and judicial power to the central and cnstitutia judicial organs.

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The Constitution of Romaniaalso called the Constitution of Union, was intended to align the organisation of the state on the basis of universal male suffrage and the new realities that arose after the Great Union of It was published in Monitorul Oficial and came into force on March During this latter period, in Julythe Senate was abolished—the only significant modification to the document.

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The Assembly of Deputies was elected through universal suffrage, while the Senate comprised members elected by different electoral bodies the Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Agriculture and Labour, and professors, all divided into separate collegesand members by right: Although the constitution was very advanced and democratic in many respects, it also contained imperfections in the functioning of state institutions that made it easy to subvert democracy.

This page was last edited on 18 Juneat Rights and freedoms for all citizens were recognised, regardless of ethnicity, language, religion or social class; the right to own property was guaranteed and, for the first time, the nationalisation of mineral deposits was provided for.

References [ edit ] Stoica, Stan coordinator. The constitution had eight titles and articles, of which 76 came in their entirety from its predecessor.

For instance, the King appointed the president of the Council of Ministers, who then organised elections. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.