The Chopper Builders Handbook CD’s. The Chopper Builders Handbook CD’s. The Chopper Builders Handbook came about as much by accident as by. Posted on 01/05/ by Gary. As some of you might already know I’ve.

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What made Builderrs so popular was the fact that their tools were very highly polished, buulders, chrome plated, perfectly balanced and had the feel of a fine surgical instrument.

If you’ve done a good job of fitting the neck to begin with it will stay in place chpper the frame just from the weight provided by a long piece of tubing slipped down through middle as seen in Figure 6. In I converted that over to the Auto-Cad format. Though its no good for those of us in Aus because of our bloody ridiculous engineering laws. Do not attempt to make the final upward bend in the rear of the bottom rails at this stage of construction. I think that in the long run we have a much better and more helpful site than the hqndbook version.

To make the notches where the down tubes intersect the backbone top tube it’s best to create some arrangement of temporary fixtures or use a jig to hold the backbone in its correct attitude as it would set on a finished frame.

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About The Handbook

This is a very very small group of people; probably less than. You will do doubt find that one side of the frame tubing is ever so slightly different than the opposite side and for this reason you’ll probably have to make two different templates or one oversized to make your plates exactly match the angles that your rear tubes ended up being bent.

Always check the actual angle with a good accurate angle finder. Hell the members post a lot better stuff than I do. You can get famous very fast and very easily but it takes decades to build up a reputation that is enduring.

Chassis Work, Volume 1: This gives you enough room to bring the axle all the way to the front to install a chain. And the Dxf files are CAD files, right? Regardless of how you decide to shape the ends of the tubes you still have to provide bevels along the edges to help insure that you get good weld penetration. In effect what we will be creating is a straight mitered cut in the tube ends as if we were going to weld them together without a backbone tube between them.

I do not recommend that you attempt to make these bends with a hydraulic pipe or conduit bender and if you try to heat the pipe and bend it by hand the radius will be to small and the tube will probably flatten anyway. Actually this photo was taken from the balcony of a motel somewhere in Arizona early in the morning. I imagine that someday the Feds will try to regulate the industry and lump us into the class of stuff that the BATF regulates.


The Chopper Builders Handbook | MIG Welding Forum

Using Dick’s method, the frame builders main control point, where everything was measured from, was the intersection point of the backbone and the seat post. Each one is set handboook to do a particular function for the parts I make the most often. Of course these devices were used when frames were built straight to begin with and the rear axles holes handhook properly aligned from the factory and there was no need to ‘adjust’ the axle to achieve proper alignment.

The cut we want to make for the time being should run parallel to the frame centerline removing about 1.

I’ve slid them on the dummy axle shaft just to check that they line up with the angles of the tubes. I have hhandbook VFR Trike to stick on that new table first, and finish off. I have spent almost my entire buildets dealing with precision drawings, machining, and fabrication but there comes a time when buioders have to leave the math behind and follow your instincts and this is habdbook indefinable ‘something’ that separates humans from computers and provides the distinction between mass-produced bikes and custom built choppers.

Unfortunately there are hundreds of riders out there running this piece of shit and not knowing how horrible their bikes are handling due to rear wheel misalignment problems. Proudly powered by WordPress. Then I might get around to that. If you need to remove a lot of material you can trim the tube back to within an eighth or so of the marked line using a reciprocal saw and then finish up the fine cutting with a ahndbook.

What we want to do now is to crib and shim-up the upper frame assembly into buiders correct attitude and to mark the location in each down tube where the backbone will eventually penetrate each tube near the steering neck location.

I have to weigh where I spend my money right now in order to get my new bike paid for and on the road. So I thought it would be nice to advise the forum of this resource So here it is again http: These are the nitty-gritty, hardcore real deal and they are time tested and proven to ‘work’.

The fabrication technique used on the mount plates are almost identical to that seen on the ‘Blueprint frame as is the rear tranny mount. Dick was from what I call the ‘true old school’ of frame hacking from back in the fifties while I was from the ‘new school’ of hacksaw wizards and there is a ton of difference between the two schools of thought.


Fitting the axle plates is one of the most laborious steps you’ll probably ever undertake when building a cycle frame and I bandbook over emphasize how important it is to take great care in setting up the alignment of the plates since in effect they buildeds to a great extent the overall handling characteristics that your frame will inherit.

Switch to Hybrid Mode. In this view the hole saw is pulled back almost to the starting position. As chooper production choppdr demanded cheaper manufacturing methods the so-called axle adjusters in the axle plates came into being.

For a fairly hot bike you might also want to increase the wall thickness of the seat post from. I personally think that its easier to fabricate the type of connections shown in Figure 6. Make the line parallel with the top tube and about handbok quarter of an inch higher than the actual point where the two pieces of tubing intersect.

There are probably ten different ways to create a jig fixture that holds the lower cross member and seat post in position for tacking but no matter how you do it is imperative that the long axis builfers top tube and long axis of the cross member be at exact right angles to each other and that the slant angle at the bottom be held to degrees.

In those days the ultimate hand tools were made by Snap-On and even thought they are probably the leader in the hand tool industry today other manufacturers have caught on and are starting to made similar products.

Front tubes or Down tubes which extend into the bottom rails. The short focal length camera lens and our poor setup for a vantage point in this shot makes the frame look pretty out of whack but it isn’t.

In part 7 we bent the lower rails to form the upsweep to the area of the axle plates and now we’re ready to cut and install these plates but hndbook we do it’s a good idea to understand exactly how the axle adjusters came into being and what it is exactly that they do for us. Find More Posts by concrete guy. Find More Posts by B. You can buy other plans on the Internet from a variety of sources but you will never find anything like what we’ve put together.

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