4 symptoms and types of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome as its name suggests is a condition that affected the bowel movement of a person. It results in irregular bowel movements increasing the number of bowel movements or decreasing it depending on how it affects the person. The condition is usually affected by people who are from the demographic of 18 to 40. It makes the stool thin, hard, liquid, or soft. It causes pain or discomfort to the belly and results in the changes of bowel habits disrupting the normal routine of a person.

Symptoms of IBS

There are several symptoms that are said to show that the person is affected by IBS. So let us take a lot at some of the symptoms that are associated with IBS.

  1. Diarrhoe

The common symptoms of the condition are diarrhoea. The episodes of diarrhoea are usually violent.

  1. Constipation

IBS patients also suffer from constipation. Sometimes, constipation can be accompanied by diarrhoea.

  1. Bloating of stomach

IBS leads to bloating of the stomach and the formation of a lot of gas. It is a very uncomfortable condition. You may also notice the belly sticking out compared to how it usually is.

  1. Belly pain

Cramps or belly pain that gets better after a bowel movement. The pain usually happens in the lower part of the belly

The symptoms of the condition can get worse when the person affected by the condition goes through a lot of stress. It is important to keep the person with IBS in good mental health so that he/she does not have to go through episodes of stress and make the condition worse. It is also noticed that a person affected by IBS can also by affected by sexual and urinary problems.

Types of IBS

IBS is not a life-threatening condition, and its prolonged effect is not expected to cause conditions such as colon cancer in a person. So it can be a sigh of relief for the patient. IBS can be categorised into four types.


It is the type of IBS that is accompanied by constipation. You need to conduct certain tests to confirm the type.


In this form of IBS the patient will find the condition of diarrhoea to affect them. The episodes of diarrhoea can be severe.


It is the condition where the patient is affected by both constipation and diarrhoea. So, people having this type of IBS suffer more.


The people affected by IBS who does not fit under any of this condition is categories under this type.

Women are most likely affected by the condition, and the United States has approximately 25 to 40 million cases of IBS. IBS is a condition that is not known to cause serious complications.

It affects the person life heavily, though. They might miss a lot of school or work days and would not be able to put their hundred percent in their work. This might lead to the need for major lifestyle changes to accommodate their condition with their lifestyle. This makes it important to seek for proper treatment and keeping the condition under control so as to not let it take an upper hand.

Proper care is needed to the patient with IBS to lead a normal life as any amount of stress can have a drastic change in the symptoms. If you need more advice regarding this health problem then please visit the following website: