8 ways women can get rid of their facial hair

Facial hair development is a common process that can be found in a male who are going through the stages of puberty. The beard and mustache in a male thicken once the production of male sex hormone called testosterone increases, leading to several other changes such as deepening of the voice.

Women also have a certain level of testosterone in the system that is produced by the ovaries. It is required for the normal functioning of the body. But sometimes several issues culminate and end up in the increased development of testosterone in excess. This can lead to the excessive development of facial hair in a woman. It can also be the result of the sensitivity of the woman against testosterone that leads to excessive production of facial hair. But it can be noticed that there is always a certain amount of facial hair in a woman. And it might be something they would be embarrassed about if it is kind of noticeable. So let us take a look at some of the methods to get rid of facial hair.


It is one of the most common and cheaper ways to remove facial hair. But it can cause cuts and other injuries if not done appropriately.


This is the method that damages the skin the least. It is cheap, but it does not remove the hair as much as waxing can do.


It is the method of camouflaging the hair to match the color of your skin. There are chances for allergies if the hair is exposed to sunlight soon after bleaching.

Hair removal creams

It is one of the cheapest methods that do not require the help of a professional. The effect of the creams, though, cannot be trusted and frequent applications might be required.


It is one of the cheapest methods of hair removal. But it can go totally wrong in case it is not done by an experienced person.

Laser hair removal

It is one of the best methods to permanently remove facial hair without any infections. But the method is highly expensive.


It is a method that can be done at the comfort of home or a salon. But it can hurt more compared to the other methods of hair removal.

Home remedies

You can use apricot and honey facial scrub. The content of lycopene in apricot helps in the removal of hair. When it is combined with honey it becomes an excellent hair removal treatment. Orange and lemon peel face mask have natural exfoliating agents that help in the removal of facial hair. Gelatin peel off mask can be a bit of a smelly method of hair removal, but it can be contained by the use of lemon which would suppress the smell of gelatin.

Use any of these methods to remove facial hair. It might be a great idea to figure out the method that suits you best based on your skin and the size of your wallet.…